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    The best museums for families

    If you have been around a bit on our site, you probably know that Thailand is full of attractions (link) that are suitable for the whole family. Water parks, amusement parks, huge aquariums and zoos you will find here in abundance. There are so many modern and exciting attractions that you may want to include in your schedule a little more relaxed, instructive and enriching experiences. Bangkok is a huge city with a very wide range of options, so we have found for you the most interesting museums for families in the Thai capital.

    Puppet Museum

    This small museum showcases more than 500 puppets used in the traditional Thai “Khon” theater. The intricate dolls are intricate handmade, giving them many details and lots of character. All the puppets are integrated into the “Khon” show, which tells the story of Thai mythology – the Ramayana. In addition, the colorful costumes of the dolls are displayed, which are also custom-made. Some of the dolls are for sale so you can get out of here with unusual souvenirs.

    National Museum

    We admit, this is a museum for the well-wishers, and it is better to go to it with older children. It is home to the most important exhibits from the world of Thai art, history and local culture. The museum building used to be a royal palace, located right next to the main palace we know today. It tells the story of the Thai people from its beginnings to the present day, through the various royal periods. The highlight of the museum is the excellent guides, who will guide you through all parts of the museum in perfect English, and will be able to answer any questions you may have about the country, the monarchy, culture, people and customs. If you have been around Thailand and been filled with questions that can not be searched on Google – this is a great station to start the day with.

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    Museum of Counterfeit Goods

    The Fake Museum is actually a large law firm in central Bangkok. The firm’s services are hired by huge international companies, so that they can find and stop the spread of counterfeits. You will see here more than 4,000 more and less successful fakes of clothes, shoes, watches, glasses, cosmetics, alcohol, cigarettes, electronic devices and more. Your guide is one of the office workers, and will be happy to tell you the stories behind some of the fakes (such as the seizure of 150,000 pairs of shoes at the border). Your guide will also tell you how to spot fakes, even the most accurate, so that they will not work on you (did you know that an original Cassio calculator does not have a CE button?). Some of the fakes are so successful, in fact, that they are placed next to the original and next to them are G for an original product (Genuine), and F for a fake (Fake).

    Batman Museum

    This museum is actually the private collection of a man named Sumchai Nitimongkluchi, an avid Batman private collector, who in his journey to collect all of the detective’s existing collectibles in a cloak, found himself with 50,000 rare items. Now, the Batcat Toy Museum has expanded to include rooms with additional collections: the Spider-Man Collection, Star Wars Corner and a host of other Marvel and DC sculptures. In fact, the museum has so many figurines and items that you will have a hard time finding a movie or animated series that is not represented here: Doraemon, Pixar and Disney movies and more. If kids love movies and comics, this is a great stop.

    Mini Thailand

    So the real name of this museum is Muang Boran. All of its 1,000 square feet are outdoors (it is the largest museum of its kind in the world), and it contains 100 accurate and impressive miniatures of prominent Thai structures. The various miniatures are scattered on a “map” that illustrates their true locations in Thailand, and helps to understand the structure of the country and its architectural treasures. Here you will find the ancient capital cities of Sukhothai and Ayutthaya, unusual Buddha statues and even a floating and functioning market for the well-being of visitors. Please note that the museum is located just outside the city limits and will require a short drive.

    The Institute for the Study of Reptiles

    Lovers of reptiles and invertebrates will be in heaven. This great museum is entirely dedicated to snakes. Of course you can see them in their natural environment, enjoy alternating performances and giant snake puppets – and also watch a dance show with snake effects (we know it sounds weird, it looks weirder), and more informative shows with… snakes. The place holds more than 50 different species of snakes, which everyone in the place really hopes will not decide to run away suddenly. An adult ticket costs 550 baht, and children will pay 250. There are other reptiles in the place as well, but as the grandiose design betrays – its all about the snakes.

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