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    Holiday packages for the best value for money package deals to our recommended destinations in the Land of Smiles. Take a trip by rental car or van to the north for a culture-history-spirituality-nature fest combo. Savour the street food, experience day tours for a getaway in the cities with friends or partners. Or the landscapes of the mountains and ricefield plains to the southern destinations of limestone-cliffed islands and beaches and jungles.

    About Thailand Holidays

    Thailand is no longer just “the land of smiles.” Before the new millennium, Thailand became known for the tasty Pad Thai and Tom Yum and aromatic street foods, colourful festivals, grand temples and Buddhas of gold and precious stones, soft coral white sandy beaches of pristine seas topped by limestone cliffs, lush mountains and jungles keeping rescued animals in sanctuaries.

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    Top 10 Attractions In Thailand

    Destinations By Region

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    In Northern Thailand, there are Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai, Sukhotai – the locale of the old kingdom of Siam – hence these destinations don’t just smell and sound and look of culture and history, they Are Thai history! You and your family get the added bonuses of seeing for yourself verdant jungle replete with secluded waterfalls and springs and countrysides with flora and fauna you only have previously seen in movies and videos, the hill tribes, the indigenous peoples of Thailand who have kept their traditions and colourful cultures alive including their temples and Buddhas of amazing sizes and colour and material.

    North and west of Bangkok are the flat and fertile Central Plains of Thailand, otherwise known as the country’s Rice Bowl, where you can find ruins of the former kingdoms as early as the 6th century. The most popular destinations in this part of Thailand, taking around two hours by van from Bangkok are the Ayutthaya Historical Park and the province of Kanchanaburi.

    Ayutthaya was the capital of the old kingdom of Siam and used to be a wealthy, cosmopolitan city, as befitting one of the greatest civilizations of that time. The historical park houses the ruins of that ancient city, when it was ravaged by war in 1767, and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    Kanchanaburi became famous in the mid-2oth century as the site of the Bridge over the River Kwai Hollywood movie. The bridge is still standing in its original form. This bridge has a historical significance, having been built by Allied POWs (prisoners of war) conscripted by the Japanese forces in World War II, as part of the Thai-Burmese Railway to carry supplies and arms to the Japanese forces.

    Southern Thailand is famous for its beautiful beaches and islands in the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea. Destinations you wouldn’t want to miss out on, with your children, family, friends or significant partner are Phuket, Koh Samui, Krabi, Koh Phi Phi Islands.

    Popular Thai Festivals and Celebrations

    The Thailand Songkran Holiday & Water Festival

    Songkran is the celebration of the traditional Thai New Year, celebrated annually for the past centuries. This holiday is a celebration of love and goodwill, compassion and thankfulness, with water as its means of expression. Hence, since the past century, this holiday got to be also referred to as the Water Festival.

    “Songkran” is a Sanskrit word that means to move or step forward. The three-day celebration of Songkran starts on the New Year’s Day of the Brahmin solar system. In Thailand, it is fixed on the 13th to 15th of April yearly. The 13th is called the Maha Songkran or the Grand Songkran, and has also been declared by the government as the Day of the Senior, or Elderly, as an official appreciation for the senior population for their contributions to the family and country. The 14th is designated as Family Day as a celebration of family love and togetherness. This holiday is a government-declared extended public holiday to give the people the chance to go to their hometowns for the celebration with family reunions and merry-making.

    Songkran was integrated into the Thai Water Festival. Water in Thai tradition is spiritually purifying of bad luck or grievances and endows blessings of fortune and happiness. Originally practised as collecting the cleansing waters for the Buddha statues to bless village elders and family members, trickling the waters over their shoulders. As in many traditional religious or cultural festivals, the celebrations shift to enjoyment and fun.

    Thailand Grand Sale -Annual Discount Shopping in Bangkok

    The Thailand Grand Sale in Bangkok is a yearly shopping mega-event between June and August, when you see hordes, yes, really hordes of crowds in the city’s shopping districts lugging several red shopping bags, the motif for participating malls and shops. The city’s shopping malls and local businesses take part in this activity, with discounts ranging from 10 – 80%, on the widest spectrum of shopping choices: clothes (from casual to sportswear) and footwear, jewellery, electrical and electronic items.

    Chiang Mai Flower Festival

    The colours that make up the vibrant Thai culture come from, among other things, its flowers, in all parts of this country. Every February, you can get this exciting opportunity to be surrounded by blooms of all sizes, colours, shapes, scents and flavours in the Chiang Mai Flower Festival. Chiang Mai is the biggest city in Northern Thailand and the capital of Chiang Mai Province. The city is nicknamed the “Rose of the North” for its gorgeous blooms and these are put on display during the Flower Festival with its parades of stunning floral design floats and floral images. The festival was originated in the 197os and had grown from a local event to one of global proportions, with guests from various countries enjoying this family-friendly event of parades, food markets, musical concerts, marching bands, among others.

    Starting on the first Friday of February all through the weekend ending Sunday evening, at several parts of the city are various events and activities to celebrate this festival among the local folk and guests from other parts of Thailand and the rest of the world.

    Koh Phangan Full Moon Party

    The Full Moon Party started with a group of tourists sometime in 1985 who found the most beautiful moon in Koh Phangan. They arranged to have a party to celebrate the full moon on Haad Rin, a crescent-shaped beach on the island. Since then, crowds reaching up to 30,000 people go to the island each month to celebrate the full moon party which has become a global full-blown event starting at dusk. By nighttime, the event turns frenetic with dancing to all genres of music, with performers like jugglers and fire-eaters entertaining the crowds including colourful fireworks displays.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Thailand an expensive holiday destination?

    Thailand is among the famous holiday destinations in Southeast Asia for its stunning beaches and breathtaking sceneries. With the multitude of Thailand attractions, it’s easy to conclude that it’s an expensive destination for a holiday trip. On the contrary, a holiday package on a budget is not impossible.
    In all those holiday sites, accommodation types go from luxury hotels to bed-and-breakfasts to dormitory-style establishments, all offering the basic amenities for comfort and holiday enjoyment. Hotels in Thailand are way cheap. Guests in 5-star hotels get a lot more than they pay for, and establishments at the lower end cost really low. Thailand’s popularity as a holiday destination has also created a niche in its tourism industry. Thailand holiday packages and deals are many. Moreover, travellers from Western countries find, to their happy surprise, that currency conversion stretches their budgets farther.
    Going around Thailand is easy to do and also easy on the pocket. Rides in Bangkok like the MRT systems or thru the Grab App (the Asian version of Uber) or domestic flights. Except where taxi or ferry monopolies are present, or on the Tuk-tuks where drivers easily recognize inexperienced travellers and charge unreasonably high, it is generally easy to get to wherever you want to go.
    With many packages to choose from, the Land of Smiles will keep you smiling during your holiday vacation, to your heart’s content.

    What is the best time to go to Thailand?

    The best time to go to Thailand is between November-April, the cool and dry season. Temperatures change often in this country, so any time of the year is a good time to go, which you can confirm with your embassy’s travel advisory. That is why Thailand holiday packages during this period offer many holiday deals and discounts.

    Is Thailand safe?

    Generally, Thailand is a safe destination. It has even been rated the least dangerous country in Southeast Asia for travellers. There have been periods of unrest and conflicts in different parts of the country up to the present decade but hardly are there reported crimes in tourist areas. Of course, one must follow standard precautions in travelling, like keeping a close watch on personal belongings, awareness of surroundings, and there’s nothing to worry about.

    Is it cheap in Thailand?

    It is relatively cheap in Thailand, especially with a high conversion of Thai Baht to your country’s currency. Many things are cheap in Thailand because of low minimum wage, low labour costs, plus Thai merchants usually price their goods the same for both foreigners and native locals.
    Traveller reviews give Thailand a thumbs-up as among the best, if not the best value-for-money destination. From food and drinks to accommodations to shopping or souvenir crafts, prices are really reasonable, except for the tourist hot spots like Bangkok, Phuket, Koh Phangan, Koh Samui or Pattaya. Even in-country transportation costs are low-priced, as long as you remember to avoid negotiating with tuk-tuk drivers or take taxis without metres.

    What are the travel restrictions for a Thailand holiday?

    First, the requirements for visiting Thailand. In December 2020, the Thai Tourism Authority announced a Visa Exemption List for countries whose citizens are not required to obtain a Thai visa for a Thailand holiday. Thai Immigration Bureau policies grant a 45-day stay for foreigners. 60-day extensions are available to apply for. The shorter visa extension is because of the COVID.
    Certificate of Entry (COE). The COE is issued to Thai nationals and foreign nationals granted entry into Thailand. COE applications by foreign nationals must be submitted 5-15 days before departure. Without the COE, entry into Thailand is not allowed.
    COVID Insurance for Foreigners. The Covid Travel Insurance Certificate must be submitted to the Thai embassy together with the application for the visa and COE. The insurance must explicitly state the health coverage of 100,000 USD (minimum) and Covid-19, and the length of your stay in Thailand. This insurance can also be applied online with a credit card and you will immediately receive your policy and Covid-19 certificate thereafter.

    What is the best month to go to Thailand?

    As mentioned above, the best time of year for an ideal Thailand holiday is between November-April, their cool and dry season. Getting a good Thailand holiday package wouldn’t be hard and you could get into the hotels or luxury resorts you want for your accommodation. November is the best month for honeymoon trips or family trips to enjoy the stunning beaches of Hua Hin or Railey Beach on the west coast. June is also the best month to savour Thailand’s historic and colourful culture in beautiful weather, perfect to visit the ancient city of Ayutthaya, around 80 km north of Bangkok.
    For budget travellers, July-October is the “low season,” smaller crowds of tourists and lower prices for a good Thailand holiday package.

    Where to holiday in Thailand?

    Your choice of holiday destinations and itinerary will largely depend on your interests. For relaxation amidst the cool air of nature, Northern Thailand would fit your bill. There is Chiang Mai with its exotic hill tribes, Buddhist temples, handicraft markets and animal sanctuaries, Chiang Rai with the White Temple of intricate sculptures and designs, Sukhotai, the first capital city of ancient Siam and regarded as the “cradle of Thai civilization.”
    Central Thailand has Kanchanaburi War Cemetery, JEATH War Museum, Wat Yai Chai Mongkol Buddhist 1357 temple near Ayutthaya and scenic parks like Sai Yok National Park and Erawan National Park.
    The islands of Southern Thailand are the perfect holiday destinations for family trips at the beach. Some popular names are Krabi, Hua Hin, Koh Samui, Phi Phi Island, Koh Phangan, Railey Beach.
    For shopping blitzes and more Thai culture, Bangkok will not disappoint with the Grand Palace and the annual Thailand Grand Sale. Almost near Bangkok is Pattaya with its hillside Wat Phra Yai Temple of an 18m-tall gold-inlaid Buddha statue.
    Thailand holidays are colourful add-ons to your holiday. An affordable Thailand holiday package can be easily prepared to suit your interests and give the best holidays.

    What is Thailand famous for?

    Thailand is famous for its white-sand beaches, innumerable temples and delectable Thai dishes. Also for its party islands, breath-taking panoramas on land and beach, martial arts and water sports.

    What is the number one tourist attraction in Thailand?

    One of, if not the number one tourist attraction in Thailand is its incredibly amazing beaches of white sand. Beaches are a common destination in any Thailand holiday package.

    Why is Thailand a popular tourist destination?

    Thailand is popular for its white soft sand beaches, yes. It has terrific accommodations with numerous options to cater to all kinds of travellers, too. It has historic intricately constructed temples; islands with magnificent features and lots of water sports; food is just mouth-watering; people are colourful and as warm as its balmy climate of warm-to-hot days and cool refreshing nights; malls and markets selling at bargain prices. Travellers to Thailand call it a tropical paradise. And return for their holidays, again and again.

    What is the most beautiful part of Thailand?

    From guests for holidays in Thailand, the beaches are the most beautiful part of Thailand. It’s a perfect holiday package of sun, sea, and sand.

    What is so special about Thailand?

    Thailand holidays in a year are many, a perfect bonus to your family, romantic, or office holiday.

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