Hotels in Railay Beach

An idyllic tropical paradise with sapphire-blue clear waters

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    Our Top Picks in Railay Beach

    There are over 20,000 hotels and other types of Thailand accommodation options. At Thailand Holiday Group, we can offer bookings at any of the ones available. To make it easier for you, we have selected a variety of 4 and 5-star hotels. These are hotels listed that we know well (both physically and personally with the hotel management), and we are confident of their excellent level of service, cleanliness, and hospitality.

    Luxurious beachfront accommodation along Krabi's Andaman Coast is provided at the 5-star Rayavadee, just next to Krabi Marine National Park. It has a full-service spa, 4 dining options and an outdoor pool.
    The 4-star Railay Bay Resort & Spa enjoys prime beachfront access to the magnificent Railay Beach.
    The Railay Village Resort is located on Railay Beach west and is surrounded by the iconic limestone cliffs that the region is famous for.

    Railay Beach Hotels

    Railay Beach, Krabi is tucked away behind a rocky headland and only accessible by a 10-minute boat journey from the mainland of Krabi. There are four beaches that comprise the Railay Bay Peninsula. The beaches are all within walking distance of one another. They have gained a global reputation for their beauty, rugged tropical landscapes and rock climbing. Given the remoteness of Railay, it’s essential that you choose the right area and Railay resort that features free wifi to stay in to suit your needs and get the best out of your holiday per night of your stay. Most of these Railay beach resorts have an on-site restaurant, a fitness centre, air conditioning, free wifi. With our travel specialists to guide you, you will find good hotel deals throughout the year, with either side of the high season offering the best value, including Railay Beach villas for rent. You can arrange for a resort that offers rooms with easy access to the white sands and emerald waves.

    Railay Bay Beaches

    West Railay

    West Railay Beach is the picturesque main beach and arrival port for docking boats. This wide golden sandy beach is surrounded by impressive limestone cliffs and dotted with most of the small beachfront restaurants in Railay, shops and bars in the nearby walking street. There is a good selection of hotels in the West Railay Beach accommodation options. After dark, the laid back daytime vibe continues in bamboo reggae bars and wooden open-air restaurants. Adventurous explorers can also find a cave at the western end of the beach that you can reach with the help of ropes to view an incredible vista of the Andaman Sea and surrounding islands. Be sure to wear sensible shoes as sandals or flip-flops will not be safe.

    From West Railay, it is only a 5-min walk to East Railay Beach and 15 mins to stunning Phra Nang Cave Beach. Most tourists choose to stay at West Railay Beach due to the wide array of accommodation and convenience of facilities.

    East Railay

    East Railay Beach is the narrowest stretch of beach with mangroves and local fishing boats. It’s not an ideal beach for swimming so it that is important to you-choose another beach within easy walking distance. Most of the higher-end resorts and spacious cottages are among East Railay beach accommodation options. After dark, the all-day dining venue Lucky Restaurant and Last Bar on East Railay transforms into Railay’s version of a full moon style dance party.

    Phra Nang Beach

    Phra Nang Beach (or PhraNang Cave Beach) is a chilled-out beach to hang out at for the day and the least developed of all the beaches in Railay. Not far from the shore are the two tiny isles that you can access on foot via a sand bar at low tide. At lunchtime, long-tail boats converted into floating kitchens dock to the shore to serve a great choice of local and international dishes as well as fresh drinks. Towards the end of the beach, you can find the unusual Phra Nang Cave containing a phallic shrine dedicated to a princess goddess named Phra Nang. Phra Nang beach accommodation options are varied too.

    Hidden Lagoon

    A famous spot for the intrepid traveller is “Hidden Lagoon.” Located between Railay East and Phra Nang beaches, the route for reaching the emerald-coloured lagoon is treacherous- to say the least. To access it, you must climb steep cliff faces using ropes to assist with some sections being completely unassisted. Proper footwear is essential and you must be careful of sharp rocks. To view the lagoon in its full glory you will need to go there at high tide. It’s not really worth the trip at low tide.


    Tonsai Beach is best known for its excellent rock climbing experiences and climbing routes up gigantic limestone cliff faces. Beginners can participate in climbing courses and advanced climbers can join more technical courses or tours with private guides. Being more remote, there’s no transportation here except for the long-tail boats coming and going. The area is not overdeveloped, has a friendly vibe and a very laidback atmosphere with just footpaths and no motorised transportation. If you want to stay overnight, there’s a handful of hotels in Railay and other accommodation options ranging from basic bungalows to luxurious resorts.

    Rock Climbing

    The Railay peninsula and its beaches are also known for offering the best rock climbing in Thailand. All year round, avid rock climbers are venturing to Krabi province to access Railay beaches famous cliffs and caves. There are many companies operating climbing courses, offering guided climbs across varying degrees of difficulty from beginner to advanced.

    FAQs About Railay Beach Hotels

    Is it worth staying at Railay Beach?

    Railay beaches tick all the boxes when it comes to an idyllic tropical paradise. With its sapphire-blue clear waters, powder-soft sands and striking limestone cliff backdrop; this peninsula is truly spectacular and offers some of the best rock climbing in Thailand. From Krabi to Railay beach it’s only 10 minutes by boat.

    Can you stay on Railay Beach?

    Hotels in Railay range from per night budget and mid-range with a few higher-end resorts. Wherever Railay resort you decide to stay in, you’ll only have a few minutes walk to reach the beach which is so convenient.

    Is it better to stay in Ao Nang or Railay?

    Ao Nang is on the Krabi mainland and the Railay peninsula comprising four pristine beaches located between Krabi Town and Ao Nang is only accessible by boat. It’s your choice.

    How many days do you need in Railay Beach?

    Three days would be enough to enjoy the natural surroundings.

    How to get from Krabi town to Railay beach?

    From Krabi Town Pier to Railay Beach it is about 11 km by longtail boat which takes 30 minutes. From Ao Nang Beach in Krabi, it is only a 10-minute boat trip.

    How to get to Railay beach from ao nang?

    It’s a 10-minute boat ride from Ao Nang beach on the Krabi mainland.

    What to do in Railay beach?

    There are several good snorkelling sites that you can access by boat from West Railay Beach and East Railay Beach. Swimming is only advisable at high tide as it is too shallow otherwise. The Railay peninsula and its beaches are also known for offering the best rock climbing in Thailand.

    Is Railay beach worth visiting?

    Railay Beach Thailand is something special with its natural beauty, splendid seas, and limestone cliffs and mountains. Be it sunrise, sunset, or anytime in between, the four pristine beaches that make up the Railay peninsula are a little piece of paradise and your place for climbing adventures, lazing on the beach or dancing the night away with fire twirlers.

    How to get to Railay Beach from Krabi airport?

    To reach Railay from the airport you can take the Krabi airport shuttle bus to Ao Nang or Ao Nammao pier for 150 baht and then hop on a boat. The road trip takes around 40 minutes. You can also take a taxi. From the Krabi mainland, you can reach Railay Beach by a short trip on a longboat.

    Where to stay in Railay beach?

    Railay hotels range from budget and mid-range with a few higher-end resorts. Where ever you decide to stay in Railay, you’ll only have a few minutes walk to reach the beach which is so convenient. Railay beach resort offers in most hotels include shuttle service from and to Railay pier, free wi-fi, room service, Thai food, comfortable beds, satellite TV,

    Can you get to Railay beach by car?

    No, Railay Bay is a peninsula reachable only by boat from Krabi.

    What are the best hotels near Railay Viewpoint?

    Some of the best hotels nearby Railay Beach Viewpoint also have pools include Rayavadee, Sunrise Tropical Resort, Villa Macaque and Villa Languor, Railay Bay Resort & Spa, Railay Phutawan Resort, and Railay Princess Resort & Spa with garden and pool views.

    Where is Railay beach in Thailand?

    It’s located in Krabi province and is a 10-minute boat ride from Ao Nang beach on the mainland.

    What to do in Railay beach at night?

    During high season Railay is very lively and hosts its own version of full-moon and half-moon parties. There’s also plenty of live music venues and late-night bars.

    What are the best hotels near Railay Beach?

    Some of the best and luxurious resort hotels in Railay Beach with a private balcony that rate consistently high amongst travellers are: Villa Macaque and Villa Languor, Sunrise Tropical Resort, Rayavadee, Bhu Nga Thani Resort and Spa, Railay Village Resort, Centara Grand, Railay Great View Resort & Spa, and the Sea Sand Resort.

    What are the best resorts in Railay Beach?

    Looking for a Railay beach resort? Try some of these highly-rated properties with a private balcony or private patio: Sunrise Tropical Resort, Rayavadee, Bhu Nga Thani Resort and Spa, Railay Village Resort, Centara Grand, Railay Great View Resort & Spa, Sand Sea Resort on Railay West beach, Villa Macaque, and Villa Languor,

    What are the best cheap hotels in Railay Beach?

    Consider some of these budget-friendly hotels: Railay Princess Resort & Spa, Sand Sea Resort, Railay Rapala Rockwood Resort, Railay Garden View Resort, Sunrise Tropical Resort, Tonsai Bay Resort

    What are the best hotels with a spa in Railay Beach?

    All these highly-rated resorts come with an onsite spa and outdoor pools: Rayavadee, Bhu Nga Thani Resort and Spa, Railay Village Resort, Centara Grand, Railay Great View Resort & Spa, Railay Princess Resort Spa, Railay Bay Resort & Spa.

    Which hotels in Railay Beach are good for families?

    These hotels are all child-friendly with facilities for all the family to enjoy: Bhu Nga Thani Resort and Spa, Sand Sea Resort, Railay Princess Resort & Spa, Sunrise Tropical Resort, Railay Villiage Resort, Railay Great View Resort & Spa, and Rayavadee.

    What are the best romantic hotels in Railay Beach?

    These Railay Beach hotels Thailand are highly rated by couples and all have an outdoor pool: Avatar Railay – Adult Only, Rayavadee, Bhu Nga Thani Resort and Spa, Railay Phutawan Resort, Sand Sea Resort, Railay Bay Resort & Spa with jacuzzi suites, Railay Village Resort with jacuzzi villas, Railay Princess Resort & Spa and Railay Garden View Resort. 

    What are the best hotels with a swimming pool in Railay Beach?

    Some of the best-rated hotels with an outdoor pool include Rayavadee, Bhu Nga Thani Resort and Spa, Railay Phutawan Resort, Sand Sea Resort, Railay Bay Resort & Spa, Railay Village Resort, Railay Princess Resort & Spa, Railay Great View Resort & Spa, and Railay Garden View Resort.

    How much does it cost to stay at Railay Beach accommodation?

    Accommodation prices can range from as low as AUD $30 per night to $600 at one of the exclusive 5-star resorts.

    Is Railay Beach expensive?

    Visitors travel to Railay Beach as their choice destination because of its features and reviews received from previous guests. The general reaction is that Railay Beach could be or maybe considered expensive, but worth it all.
    Railey is virtually an island, and thus, transport costs and electricity bills have to be sustained, thus the reason for Railey prices coming up relatively higher than the rest of Krabi.

    Can you walk from Ao Nang beach to Railay Beach?

    There are only 4 kilometres between Ao Nang Beach and Railey Beach, which would take a 27-minute stroll — during low tide Only. Otherwise, it would be on a longtail boat to reach Railey Beach from Ao Nang.

    Why is Railay Beach famous?

    Guest and traveller reviews have made Railay Beach among the most popular destinations for tourists to Thailand’s beaches. Amazing, spectacular, breath-taking, striking, glorious are the common words attached to descriptions of and reviews on Railay Beach, as a one-word comment on their visit.
    Part of mainland Thailand on the side of the Andaman Sea, it looks like an island, feels like an island, because of its karst topography, but Railay Beach is actually a peninsula. It has three known areas, East Railey beach, Railey West, Tonsai Beach, and Phra Nang Beach, possibly the best area.
    Aside from a vast array of hotel choices from mid-range to luxury hotel establishments to beach accommodations like a villa, beach view resort and spa, hostels, and Airbnb establishments. Hotel prices vary for each establishment, whether as part of a package or on a per night basis. Most establishments have free cancellation policies, too.
    Approaching Railey itself, one’s breath is taken away, by the site of the limestone cliffs towering over the picture-perfect beaches, leading one’s imagination to a relaxing stay. There are activities visitors can do, which are multi-faceted, jungle trekking and hiking, cliff climbing and jumping, boat excursions around Railey or to nearby islands.
    Those who love to document travel activities will not be disappointed in Railey Beach because its features are all worth taking photos or videos of. Mind-blowing vistas of mountains and sea, amazing luxury villas and hotels, quaint bungalows or cottages, on top of the diverse food fare that is tasty and flavorful, to activities and events that cater to any kind of traveller – marine or water sports and activities, mountain or jungle hikes and trekking, where waterfalls would be passed along the way.
    Railay is the ultimate getaway in a lot of ways: its remote location gives it a great secluded touch, and its stunning natural beauty brings a timeless feeling. 

    Which Railay Beach is best?

    The three famous beach areas of Railey have their individual attractions. Phra Nang in the southern part could be said to be the best in the peninsula, with its silky soft sand, East Railey is the city centre of Railey’s nightlife.

    How was Railay Beach formed?

    Railey is, as mentioned above, like an island but really an actual peninsula. Its topography is karst, meaning it was formed from the dissolution by the changing tides of the sea (thus, underground water) of its limestone. Note that the cliffs of Railey are made of limestone. This topography is responsible also for the many caves and a lagoon in the area, another characteristic of karst topography.
    Now on every savvy traveller’s list, Railay is nevertheless one of Thailand’s most sought-after beach areas. Just south of Ao Nang Beach, around a rocky headland and accessible only by boat, Railay presents a tranquil and extraordinary world.
    At Railay, there are no roads; only footpaths. No buses, no cars, just longtail boats. Although it’s actually connected to the mainland, the spectacular Phra Nang Peninsular is effectively cut off from the rest of Krabi by limestone headlands and steep jungle valleys; the only access is by sea. The very picture of tropical paradise, with no roads and no hassle, Railay offers lazy days, adventure forays and chilled-out evenings.

    Can you drive to Railay Beach?

    Railay Beach is part of the mainland but because of its karst topography, it has no road access. Thus, the only way to get there is by boat.

    What is there to do in Railay beach at night?

    Nightlife in Railay beach varies in its 4 beach areas and in the seasons, i.e. tourist seasons highs and lows. At the peak of the tourist season, there will be beach fire dancing and full moon (also half-moon and black moon) parties, Thai boxing, drinks specials, and live music at the bars.
    Bars and chilling-out areas abound, catering to different budgets. East Railay is where you can enjoy lounging on cushions to ambient music. Railay West is for the beach lovers taking in the panorama of sandy beach to the backdrop of the looming limestone cliffs and the rising moon.

    What island is Railay Beach on?

    Railey Beach looks and feels like an island but it is in reality, a peninsula of the province of Krabi in Thailand between Krabi town and Ao Nang Beach.

    Can you walk from Tonsai to Railay?

    In low tide, yes, one can walk from Tonsai to Railay — over the rocks.

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