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    Our Top Picks in Koh Phi Phi

    There are over 20,000 hotels and other types of accommodations and beach resorts in Thailand. At Thailand Holiday Group, we can offer bookings at any of the ones available. To make it easier for you, we have selected a variety of 4 and 5-star hotels. These are resorts in Thailand listed that we know well (both physically and personally with the hotel management) and we are confident in their excellent level of service, cleanliness, and hospitality, as mentioned in the good reviews or stars gained in guest ratings.

    Holiday Inn Resort Phi Phi Island sits on a white sandy beach bordering the Andaman Sea. The resort features 3 landscaped pools, a fitness room and the Scuba Schools International Dive Centre.
    Zeavola Resort Premium
    Zeavola Resort
    • Zeavola Resort
    • Zeavola Resort
    • Zeavola Resort
    • Zeavola Resort
    • Zeavola Resort
    Step back into simplicity with barefoot luxury at Zeavola 5-star boutique resort situated on the idyllic Laem Tong white sandy beach,
    Phi Phi CoCo Beach Resort
    Phi Phi CoCo Beach Resort
    • Phi Phi CoCo Beach Resort
    • Phi Phi CoCo Beach Resort
    • Phi Phi CoCo Beach Resort
    • rating star
    In close proximity to Loh Dalum Bay and Monkey Beach on Phi Phi Don, Phi Phi CoCo Beach Resort is a popular choice for those travelling for leisure.
    SAii Phi Phi Island Village
    SAii Phi Phi Island Village
    • SAii Phi Phi Island Village
    • SAii Phi Phi Island Village
    • SAii Phi Phi Island Village
    • SAii Phi Phi Island Village
    • SAii Phi Phi Island Village
    Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort is a 5-star resort overlooking the stunning Andaman Sea and set within 70 acres of lush foliage.
    • rating star
    \Phi Phi Island Cabana Hotel overlooks the glorious Andaman Sea at Ton Sai and Loh Dalum Bays on Phi Phi Don.
    • rating star
    Situated on Phi Phi Don island near Phak Nam Bay Beach, the Phi Phi Harbor View Hotel offers peace and harmony with its 80 well-appointed rooms and suites with private balconies and some with jacuzzis.

    Accommodation Phi Phi Island Thailand

    Koh Phi Phi Islands, Thailand consists of six amazing islands located off the mainland coast of Krabi. A 45-minute speed boat ride or almost two-hour ferry trip from Phuket or Krabi will get you to this incredibly beautiful archipelago. The region is instantly recognizable by its iconic vertical towers known as “karsts,” capped with green vegetation and scattered white sandy beach enclaves and tropical coral waters. Koh Phi Phi Islands, Thailand island weather is ideal between November and April when it is a bit cooler with occasional showers. Peak season is January to April when almost all hotel prices also sky-rocket in their room or unit costs. You can find wonderful hotel deals outside of the high season since many rooms and hotels will be more available this time in the Koh Phi Phi Islands of Thailand.

    All-inclusive Phi Phi Islands Deals

    The only island you can stay on is Koh Phi Phi Don

    The only inhabited island among the Koh Phi Phi Islands, Thailand, is Koh Phi Phi Don. The island has been heavily criticized for its over-development and some travellers don’t choose this destination for this reason. It offers several beaches and beachfront hotels where visitors can stay.

    Phi phi don of Phi Phi Islands, Thailand, overlooking Loh Dalum Bay | traditional thai village karon beach | bo phut resort

    Loh Dalum Beach

    Loh Dalum is a one-kilometre stretch of beach with shallow aquamarine waters of Loh Dalum Bay, Koh Phi Phi Islands, Thailand, thus giving a laid-back vibe. However, after dark, this quiet beach destination transforms into a mini Full Moon type of party every night.

    Laem Thong Beach

    Another quiet destination beach is Laem Thong, located on the northeast of Koh Phi Phi Islands, Thailand. This one-kilometre sandy enclave makes for an ideal secluded getaway as a boat trip is the only way for guests to access it. There is a scattering of hotels and beachfront resorts along this traditional fishing area.

    Ton Sai Bay

    Contrastingly, Tonsai (also spelt Tonsai) Bay and Tonsai village is the pulsing heartbeat of Phi Phi Don Thailand, especially at night. It’s the main arrival port so it is a hive of activity with day trip guests and boats going in and out. The bay is almost two kilometres long with tall cliffs and small beaches inhabited by monkeys and with coral reefs fringing the west side. Monkey Beach which is often confused with the title Monkey island Thailand, is located on the southwestern side of Ton Sai Bay, about 700 meters from the jetty. It is a stunning short strip of white sand complete with its resident troop of monkeys. To the east are more shallow waters sporting coral reefs, beachfront hotels, and resorts. The far west end of Tonsai Beach is very isolated offering powder-fine sand and the clear aqua waters of Tonsai Bay.

    Long Beach

    With sensational views of Phi Phi Leh and easily reached by a five-minute boat trip from Tonsai Village, you can find Long Beach in Koh Phi Phi Islands, Thailand. From the village, it is possible to walk to Long Beach during the day with some climbing over rocks and short walks through the jungle. Accommodation near this beach won’t give you money concerns because of many options from the basic cheap guest house style bungalows to premium high-end resort bungalows.

    Laem Tong Beach

    Towards the far northern end of Phi Phi Don, Thailand, is the exceptionally beautiful and secluded Laem Tong. It’s a 45-minute longtail boat trip from Tonsai Village to get to this white sand and turquoise waters strip. The area is only serviced by a few upmarket resorts and hardly any sign of other habitation.

    Phak Nam Bay

    Phak Nam is a secluded bay situated on the east coast of Phi Phi Don, Thailand with a small coastline that is home to a small fishing village. It can only be reached by longtail boat, giving it an extremely quiet and perfect atmosphere for lazy days on the shore and not much sign of anything else. There is only one resort to stay in here, ironically called Phi Phi Relax.

    Koh Phi Phi Leh

    Koh Phi Phi Leh is the most popular among the Thailand Phi Phi islands with Maya Bay made famous by the year 2000 Hollywood film. This area has been closed since 2018 for the restoration of damaged coral reefs generated by tourism. Thailand government closed it for coral repair and marine life conservation with a possible 2021/22 re-opening with some new eco-tourism projects in the pipeline.

    Also among the best bet by regular guests for scuba diving locations in the Phi Phi Islands, Thailand.

    patong beach | phang nga bay | bo phut resort | banyan tree samui

    Koh Pei

    Koh Pei (Bamboo Island, Thailand) is a small landmass approximately 600 meters in width and 700 meters in length and belongs to a national park so you will have to pay an entrance fee. The central island is covered with thick green vegetation including bamboo trees which gives the island its name and is surrounded by a strip of white sand. Koh Pei is almost surrounded by a reef that spreads up to 500 meters from the water making it a magical snorkelling wonderland.

    Koh Young

    Koh Young or Mosquito Island, Thailand sits northeast of the Phi Phi isles and is a long and narrow landmass. The island’s southeastern tip has colourful soft coral reefs and an abundance of marine life, making it an exceptional snorkelling place. The northeastern tip is the perfect diving location in water up to 15 metres in depth. It is best to avoid the shore around sundown when swarms of mosquitos appear; hence its name!

    Koh Bida Noi & Koh Bida Nok

    Koh Bida Noi and Koh Bida Nok are two large limestone rocks rising from the Andaman Sea about 1.5 kilometres south of Koh Phi Phi Leh, Thailand. They do not have any landing access pier and best service the diving community. Koh Bida Nok has a huge array of marine life and the northern side features a good wall diving place as well as a cave that can be explored. Koh Bida Nai also has some great scuba diving options where divers can swim through underwater cliffs. The east of the island offers good snorkelling opportunities in its shallower waters.

    Best hotels to stay at in Phi Phi Islands

    These Koh Phi Phi hotels and resorts in Thailand have been consistently rated highly with multi-star review score reviews by guests, from “Very Good” to “Wonderful”:

    • Villa 360, a resort and spa with villas enjoying 360-degree views and a private infinity pool.
    • The Phi Phi Cliff Beach Resort is perched on a cliff overlooking Ton sai Bay with a frequent positive comment on its massage on the beachfront sun loungers
    • Zeavola Resort and Spa, award-winning resort spa on Laem tong Beach with spa and infinity pool.
    • Phi Phi CoCo Resort, a resort and spa near Monkey Beach with a huge lagoon pool.
    • Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort near Laem Tong.
    • The Cove Phi Phi has luxurious bamboo bungalows on a private beach only reachable by boat.
    • SAii Phi Phi Island Village, a resort spa among the island’s luxury beach resorts and award-winning spa – a perfect retreat, with its 800-metre secluded stretch of coral-coloured sands of private beach.
    • PhiPhi Holiday Resort, formerly Holiday Inn Phi Phi Island. Renovations include additional family suites and pool villas to enjoy stunning views of the sunset over the Andaman Sea.
    • Chaokoh Phi Phi Hotel & Resort, a beachfront luxury beach resort spa, a 5-minute short walk to Tonsai and Loh Dalum beaches, affording guests a private pool.
    • Phi Phi The Beach Resort, a spa resort with unbeatable hillside villa views of pristine beach overlooking Maya Bay plus a unique feature of Tai Chi on the beach
    • Phi Phi Banyan Villa, unmistakable for its landmark 50+-year-old fig tree at the entrance.
    • Phi Phi Relax Beach Resort offers an untouched dreamlike nature environment right in the heart of the Koh Phi Phi Marine National Park

    All of these resorts and hotels provide travellers with the facilities and services for an enjoyable stay. From a buffet breakfast of international or local Thai cuisine to rooms with a balcony each or overlooking colourful terraces, gardens and lush trees. You can find restaurants on a hillside with a bar while gazing at the stars gleaming over Tonsai Bay at night Being an island, Koh Phi Phi hotels are beach resorts, of the 3-4 star category, an outdoor swimming pool in every hotel and some even offering children’s pools or infinity pools, a kids club and fitness centre. Pool parties are held in some of the resorts, especially by the beachfront location. All Koh Phi Phi hotels feature air conditioning, satellite tv, free wifi and a buffet breakfast spread. In the heart of Koh Phi Phi Island (as Phi Phi Don is commonly known) a coffee shop where newly-arrived travellers can partake of refreshments of tea or coffee or cold beer while soaking in the atmosphere of the island.

    Checklist before going to Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

    Koh Phi Phi is a far distance from the capital Bangkok and it is accessible only by marine transport after air transport from Bangkok. It’s best that travellers prepare for the trip, not just pack a bag and hop on the first plane or boat and expect an available room at your preferred price upon arrival.

    Plan your trip. The reviews-recommended dates to visit is from November to April. Beyond these months, the weather gets unpredictable, especially with rains.

    Peak season is around Christmas to New Year’s Day and you can expect a high price for accommodations and everything else. Booking accommodations way ahead of arrival could cost more reasonably. Off-season prices are affordable, even for budget travellers.

    Among the important and critical mentions for a travel advisory is clothing decorum. Going topless is strictly frowned upon, whether bra-less swimsuits for women or shirt-less for men because these are considered disrespectful of Thai values.

    Check travel advisory and reviews for recommended check-in time, too. Generally, check-in time is not on a strict schedule as check-out time, but it’s better to be sure.

    Get travel insurance as well. That will give you enough confidence to try out all the marine and jungle trekking activities.

    Wi-Fi is available from the city centre to all accommodations and lobby of public areas but you can bring your own pocket Wi-Fi to be sure.

    FAQs About Koh Phi Phi Hotels

    What is the best area to stay in Phi Phi Thailand?

    The only island you can stay on is Koh Phi Phi Don. The rest of the Phi Phi islands are not inhabited. Phi Phi Don is fully developed with many accommodation options. If you wish for a stand out high-end family-friendly option, Phi Phi Island Village can show you luxurious bungalows on a private stretch of pristine sands. For the more budget-conscious who still want a little luxury, Phi Phi CoCo offers excellent value for stylish bamboo villas.

    Can you stay on Phi Phi Islands?

    You can only stay on one island- Phi Phi Don. There are several Phi Phi island tours available so you will be able to take day trips to the other islands in close proximity to Phi Phi Don.

    Is Koh Phi Phi expensive?

    Due to their immense popularity, these islands are one of the most expensive destinations in Thailand. Even the prices of the most basic lodgings like hostels are inflated compared to other locations.

    Is it worth staying in Phi Phi?

    With clear blue waters, abundant marine life, and the most well-known isle, Koh Phi Phi Leh with its Maya Bay made famous by the year 2000 Hollywood film starring Leonardo DiCaprio, it is definitely worth visiting and staying overnight to soak up this exquisite part of Thailand. There are just lots of places to visit, to tour and to enjoy, for all types of travellers.

    Is Koh Phi Phi a party island?

    There are parties happening all around the island most nights so if you are wanting a lively vibe of noise and crowds and some hedonism within a beautiful setting, then this is the perfect place for you.

    How to get to Koh Phi Phi?

    From Phuket International Airport to Phi Phi island takes about 45-minutes via speed boat or an almost two-hour ferry. This is the same if you are coming from Krabi. There is a designated pier at each point of departure and arrival.

    What to do in Koh Phi Phi?

    Hire a longtail boat and sail around the archipelago in your own private Phi Phi island tour. Enjoy the view or go diving, snorkelling, hiking to the Phi Phi island viewpoint, rock climbing limestone cliffs, cave exploring, and sea kayaking.

    Other Activities in Koh Phi Phi

    A recent activity offered in Koh Phi Phi is deep sea fishing. $85 US dollars for eight hours can grant you the experience of fishing for tuna, barracuda, king mackerel, sailfish, and dorado. A new tour company takes groups of 10 on afternoon jungle treks through the island’s interior for around $44 US dollars per person. One can see secluded beaches, lookout points, and even indigenous plant and animal life. For the party people, there is a so-called Booze Cruise. The package cost starts from $78 US dollars and includes lunch, refreshments of coffee or tea, snacks, drinks, snorkelling, and kayaking.

    How far Phi Phi island from Krabi?

    Krabi district to Koh Phi Phi is about 45 kilometres away and is only accessible by boat or ferry in a designated pier.

    How to get to Koh Phi Phi from Phuket?

    The ferry from Phuket to Koh Phi Phi takes up to 3 hours. Ferries depart from Rassada Pier in Phuket Town for the 45km journey. Another option is to go by speedboat, which takes approximately 1 hour, departing from the same pier or designated place on the beachfront.

    How much is the ferry from Phuket to Krabi, Phi Phi, or Koh Samui?

    Ferry cost is around $22 from Phuket to Krabi, Phi Phi, or Koh Samui.

    How to get from Koh Samui to Koh Phi Phi?

    The 300-km journey can take between 5-8 hours by bus or van and ferry. Another option is to take a 55-minute flight from Koh Samui to Krabi. From Krabi airport, you will need to take a minivan or private taxi to the pier at East Railay then a ferry or speedboat onwards to Tonsai Pier on Koh Phi Phi.

    What are nearby islands to Koh Phi Phi?

    There are several nearby islands to Koh Phi Phi that make for interesting and fun day trips with lunch or dining at any of the resorts on these islands. Ko Yao Yai is halfway between Phuket and Krabi, with sandy shores, mangroves, rubber farms and fishing villages and coral-rich waters with some dive sites. A popular resort is Santhiya Resort.
    Ko Lanta is an island of Krabi province known for coral-fringed beaches, rainforests, mangroves and limestone structures. You can find the Pimalai resort and Layana Resort and spa here.
    On Phuket island-province you can find Pansea beach, Patong Beach, Karon Beach and the Banyan Tree Resort (part of its network is Banyan Tree Samui). Karon Beach is Phuket’s liveliest beach.
    On Koh Samui, you can find Lamai Beach on Lamai Bay. There’s Bo phut Resort and Banyan Tree Samui.
    Koh Phangan is Thailand’s southern island famed globally for its Full Moon Party on Sunrise Beach, Haad Rin. This monthly event has put Koh Phangan on the world map for many decades now.
    Hua Hin is a once-quiet fishing village, a traditional Thai village, that has developed into a seaside resort for Bangkok residents when the Thai royal family established their summer palaces here. Here you can find the Anantara Hua Hin Resort.
    About 60 km from Koh Phi Phi and between Phuket and mainland Thailand is the Ao Phang Nga National Park on Phang Nga Bay, characterized by towering limestone cliffs and rock formations, small islands and mangrove forests. Phang Nga Bay’s waters are rich in colourful corals.

    Where is the best part of Phi Phi Island to stay?

    The central area of Koh Phi Phi Don is the best part. It is the liveliest part of the island, with a wide variety of hotels, restaurants, and bars. Ton Sai West is the quietest part of the island, being on the west coast, far from the madding crowd and noise of revellers.

    Is Koh Phi Phi safe?

    Phi Phi Don is the only inhabited island of the archipelago and there are no motorized modes of transport on the island, so visitors walk everywhere making it one of the safest islands in Thailand. There are resident monkeys around the island so practise caution around them, avoid feeding them as they can be aggressive. The last thing you want is a monkey bite and rabies injections!

    Is Koh Phi Phi worth visiting?

    Koh Phi Phi consists of six magnificent islands. This incredibly beautiful archipelago is located off the mainland coast of Krabi and definitely a must-see. Its stunning beaches of white sands have luxury beach resorts that are among the best resorts in Thailand.

    How to get to Koh Phi Phi from Bangkok?

    To travel from Bangkok, the quickest and easiest way is to get to Phuket is to take a flight then choose from either a ferry, longtail boat or speedboat to the Phi Phi islands. By road, the bus journey takes about 15 hours from Bangkok to Phuket then you can get a boat to the islands arriving at Tonsai pier.

    How much does it cost to stay at a hotel in Phi Phi Islands?

    The Phi Phi islands are one of the most expensive islands to stay on in Thailand. Budget accommodation is pricey and you will struggle to find Koh Phi Phi hostels and dorm beds for under $30 per night. In high season the prices peak so expect to substantially more than what you might pay on other southern Thai islands.

    What hotels in Phi Phi Islands offer an especially good breakfast?

    Phi Phi Cliff Beach Resort, Phi Phi CoCo, and Phi Phi Harbour View Hotel are some hotels with good reviews that offer good breakfast.

    What hotels in Phi Phi Islands have nice views?

    Phi Phi island accommodation hotels and beach resorts with panoramic views include Paradise Resort Phi Phi on the beachfront of stunning Long Beach, the Cove Phi Phi overlooking Rantee Beach, Villa 360 with secluded villas enjoying 360-degree stunning views, The Phi Phi Cliff perched on a cliff overlooking Ton Sai Bay, and Phi Phi Island Village Resort which is beachfront on Loh Ba Gao Bay. Those located in the city centre certainly do not have as nice a view as those on the beachfront. In the city centre, you can be most sure of having Wi-Fi services.

    Which hotels in Phi Phi Islands are good for families?

    Some hotels and beach resorts in Thailand that have star review scores in high ratings by guest reviews as popular with families are the Phi Phi Island Village, Holiday Inn Resort Phi Phi Island, Phi Phi The Beach Resort, Holiday Inn Resort, Phi Phi Harbour View Hotel, Phi Phi Cliff Beach Hotel, PP Princess Pool Villa, and Rawianda Villas with its private villas and tastefully furnished family rooms. All these hotels have swimming pools for both adults and children’s fun and some have children’s pools as well, coming up with three swimming pools altogether.

    What hotels in Phi Phi Islands are good for couples?

    These hotels have been ranked a good star review score for romantic hotels: Phi Phi Island Village, Phi Phi CoCo Beach Resort, Zeavola Resort, Mama Beach Residence, Phi Phi Phu Chalet Resort, The Cove Phi Phi, Paradise Resort, and Viking Nature Resort. Aside from a romantic ambience in accommodations like just a short walk to a private beach, a private pool villa or even a private plunge pool, a private balcony, they have special deals like “romance packages” offered, too, like a couples spa treatment.

    What are the best hotels near Maya Bay?

    Some of the best-placed hotels and luxury beach resorts near Maya Bay are Phi Phi The Beach Resort, Phi Phi Banyan Villa, Phi Phi Coco, and Zeavola Resort.

    What are the best resorts in Koh Phi Phi Don?

    These hotels and luxury beach resorts have been ranked highly by travellers reviews: Phi Phi The Beach Resort, Phi Phi Banyan Villa, Phi Phi CoCo, Zeavola Resort and Spa, Mama Beach Residence, Phi Phi Island Village, Phi Phi Cliff, and Phi Phi Relax. These best resorts in Thailand feature tropical gardens, resort spa baths or a private stretch of a stunning beach, outdoor showers, modern rooms & interiors in contemporary Thai style, a beach bar and other facilities for luxury and comfort.

    What are the best hotels near Koh Phi Phi Viewpoint?

    Popular hotels close to Koh Phi Phi Viewpoint include Phi Phi Bonita Resort, Phi Phi Long Beach Bungalow, and Phi Phi ViewPoint Resort, giving guests spectacular views of the island.

    Other Recommended Hotels in Phi Phi Island

    Some hotels with good rating scores from guest reviews are the Phi Phi Villa Resort, another boutique resort with accommodations available for all budgets. It has the largest private swimming pool in the Ton Sai Bay area, offering regular amenities for comfort like Air Conditioning and Wifi in all its rooms, massage, spa, and gym features. There is also the Chongkhao Resort just 500 m from the city centre and 15 km from the airport to the pier. Its convenient location gives guests to its restful rooms easy access to all the island’s must-see attractions in this part of Thailand.

    Is Koh Phi Phi the same as Phi Phi Island?

    Koh Phi Phi is the other name for the Phi Phi Island group. It is an archipelago of six islands and islets. The biggest and only habitable one is Koh Phi Phi Don.

    Where is the party in Koh Phi Phi?

    Nightlife in Koh Phi Phi is very much alive. The numerous bars and pubs are in easy to find locations and stay open beyond 2 am, when the music stops, for as long as there are customer crowds. Activities per night include dancing and live bands, fire shows, and Muay Thai boxing bouts (two regular features in some bars per night). There is even a resort offering a free salad bar and soup with your meal at a set time per night. Another one doling out free cocktails to start off the party per night. And of course, we can’t fail to mention the famous Buckets, the surest and most definite offering per night, which is a mixture of mild to medium alcohol and energy drinks.

    Are there budget hotels in Koh Phi Phi?

    Resort and hotel prices in Koh Phi Phi are generally higher than in other islands in Thailand. Backpackers and budget travellers can still stay and enjoy a vacation, too. Most budget accommodations are dorm-style but there are some with private rooms and even air conditioning and hot showers. Basic amenities would be air-conditioning, wifi, a single bed and a shower per room. If you want to stretch or are not certain with your budget, you can try booking a room on a per night basis.

    How many days to best enjoy Koh Phi Phi?

    Most traveller reviews say that a day trip to Koh Phi Phi is not worth it because one gets to feel short-changed from the travel time to the costs. There are just too many things to discover and experience in this archipelago that calls for at least a 3-day stay or a long weekend. That can allow the islands especially Phi Phi Don to show off their gifts from nature.

    Activities available in Koh Phi Phi

    Koh Phi Phi accommodation deals show activities for the guests to do while on the island. These activities are, of course, marine-related but land-based events are offered too.

    Is Koh Phi Phi closed or on lockdown in the Covid pandemic?

    Maya Bay, which was made famous as the shooting location of the 2000 Holywood movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio, has been closed to tourists by the Thai government. There are plans for the rejuvenation project for coral restoration and the installation of a new jetty. Other facilities are not closed.

    What is Koh Phi Phi famous for?

    Koh Phi Phi is one of Thailand’s famous destinations for travel aficionados. Rightly so, with its pristine waters and a generous variety of sights and sites showing off the beauty of nature’s creations. It is also famous as the location of the 2000 Hollywood film “The Beach,” shot in Maya Bay on Phi Phi Leh Island.

    Are there diving schools in the Koh Phi Phi Islands?

    There are several dive shops offering classes and diving lessons for interested guests on the islands with certified instructors.

    Do the hotels and resorts offer swimming lessons?

    Swimming lessons are available with certified instructors, not affiliated with hotel amenities, though. Most beach resorts in Thailand have an outdoor pool in which beginners can practice safely.

    Are discounts available in hotels and resorts?

    Don’t expect any discount deals on Phi Phi accommodation when you travel to Phi Phi during peak season. One can negotiate or hope for discounts for such activities as early check-in, or booking reservations far from the city centre, or a room that doesn’t show the sea view nor show the Koh Phi Phi beachfront or have balconies overlooking colour-filled gardens to enjoy a magnificent sunset view.

    Where is Ao Nang?

    Ao Nang is a town in Krabi province known for its long beachfront. It is also accessible to the dive sites in the nearby islands of Ton Sai Bay. A daily ferry service can bring you from Ao Nang to Phi Phi on a 2-hour trip with a short stop near Railay Bay where other passengers can be picked up.

    Is Wi-Fi available in all hotels in Ko Phi Phi or just in the city centre?

    Wi-Fi services are available in all hotels in Ko Phi Phi not just in the city centre or 4-5 star hotels. Even a budget hotel resort offers Wi-Fi services, too.

    Where is Phi Phi Island?

    Phi Phi Island is actually an archipelago of 6 islands and islets located in the Andaman Sea in Southern Thailand. It is about 46 kilometres southeast of Phuket Island, the most famous of Thailand’s tourist destinations. The two main islands are Phi Phi Leh and Phi Phi Don. The beauty of the islands has been called “ridiculously stunning” by CNN, because of the looming limestone cliffs over soft white sand pristine beaches. Koh Phi Phi is under the administration of Mueang Krabi District, Krabi Province.

    What is the Thai national Park in the Phi Phi Islands?

    The Hat Noppharat Thara-Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park is a marine national park in Krabi province established in 1983. As of 2019 (pre-Covid pandemic lockdowns), the number of visitors to the park reached 1.1+ million, 77% of whom were foreigners.

    Where is the Viking Cave? – Another Must-See in Phi Phi Islands

    The Viking Cave, although currently closed to tourists, is one unique sight and site in the Phi Phi Islands. Located on the east coast of Phi Phi Ley, it has been so named because of the prehistoric drawings on its walls which depict seemingly Viking ships. It is believed that these drawings were done by pirates or sea gipsies who took shelter from monsoon storms in the cave. Measuring 3.2 square km in size and 10-15 m high, the cave is inhabited by thousands of swifts birds which make their nests in the many ledges along the cave walls, from their saliva. These nests are the main ingredients of the world-famous and expensive Chinese dish called birds’ nest soup. Before the cave’s closure, the harvesting of these edible birds’ nests was a thriving industry.

    Where did the name “Phi Phi” originate?

    “Phi Phi” is Malay in origin. It refers to Pokok Api Api, meaning fiery tree, the grey mangrove found in the islands.

    Are there any medical facilities in Phi Phi?

    There is a small hospital between Phi Phi Cabana Hotel and the Ton Sai Towers, about 5-7 minutes walk from the pier. It had been set up as a transit point prior to bringing over patients to hospitals in Phuket island. There are also some pharmacies for basic medical needs.

    Are there environmental sustainability measures in place in Phi Phi Islands?

    Considering the massive and continuously rising number of foreign visitors to places like Phi Phi, arriving tourists pay a 20-baht fee to assist in the “keeping Koh Phi Phi clean campaign.” The collected fees are centralized to a private company to transport collected rubbish and waste to be disposed of in mainland Krabi. At the same time, Maya Bay has also been temporarily closed to allow for a recovery program to be implemented.

    What is the average cost of a double room in these Koh Phi Phi hotels?

    In peak season, it is certainly going to be difficult to find a good room at less than $50 in 3-star Phi Phi Island hotels and luxury beach resorts, much more in one with a 4-5star rating or in most Phi Phi islands pool villas.

    Are there hotels that serve traditional Thai cuisine?

    Restaurants abound in Phi Phi Island, serving traditional Thai and international cuisine. Among the Phi Phi Islands hotels, Phi Phi The Beach Resort, Pirates House Restaurant, Bar & Hotel, Phi Phi Relax, and Holiday Inn Resort Phi Phi Island with their restaurants on-site are notable for their tasty servings of traditional Thai food fare.

    What is the best time of the year to go to Phi Phi for a vacation?

    The best time of the year to have a vacation in Phi Phi is also the peak season for tourists – between November and April. The weather is cool and pleasant with just a few episodes of rain showers. To be precise, November to February is the coolest time when the spate of rains is done. The period from March to the middle of May is the hottest with rising humidity. May to October is monsoon season, with the high humidity records — but this is also the cheapest season to get a lower unit price in a great resort of your choice, even a luxury hotel or boutique resort possibly in good locations.

    Are there child-care services (nanny/babysitting) in these hotels?

    The top hotels, 3-5star hotels in Koh Phi Phi especially the luxury beach resorts in Thailand offer babysitting services with qualified staff among their family-friendly amenities. Zeavola Resort. Phi Phi Island Village, Holiday Inn Resort Phi Phi Island are some of the popular Phi Phi Island family resorts. There are smaller hotels providing this service, too, like Phi Phi Nice Beach Hotel Hip, PP Charlie, and Phi Phi Nice.

    Can one have a working vacation in Koh Phi Phi hotels?

    One can have a vacation, relax and luxuriate in the comforts offered, at the same time attend to some work that needs urgent attention in most types of Phi Phi islands accommodation, especially the best beach resorts and the luxury beach resorts. These top picks have business amenities, too, offering direct access to and free WiFi. Zeavola has a computer station, Holiday Inn has a 24-hour business centre.

    Can one shop for souvenir items in Phi Phi hotels?

    Souvenir shops and stalls dot the island of Phi Phi. For those who don’t feel like walking around just for shopping, Phi Phi Islands resorts like Phi Phi the Beach Resort, Phi Phi Island Village, PP Princess, Phi Phi Cliff Beach, Phi Phi Nice Beach Hotel Hip, and Holiday Inn Resort Phi Phi Island have shops within the resort.

    What can one buy on Phi Phi Island?

    Shopping attractions are rare in Phi Phi. For a real shopping spree, there is Bangkok. But there are shops that grab one’s attention, with original articles for sale. Quality bags and accessories like authentic and vintage silver and stone jewellery, vintage and ethnic clothing, homemade beads, and knickknacks are among the speciality items around. And for a real tropical vacation vibe to your Ko Phi Phi holidays, there are more than 20 tattoo parlours offering various designs and styles.

    How do you get around in the Phi Phi Islands?

    Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Ley, the main islands are similarly pedestrian in nature. People go around on foot or by bicycle. There are no motorized vehicles, except for a few motorcycles with sidecars attached, used for transporting goods. To go from Phi Phi Don to the other islands, there are the long-tail boats, Thailand’s traditional marine transport. There’s always the caveat to bring earplugs when taking a longtail boat because the engines can be too loud to bear comfortably.

    What other activities can be learned in the Phi Phi Islands?

    Besides diving and swimming lessons provided by private certified instructors and cooking classes in some of the hotels and resorts, there are other activities one can take classes in.
    Rock climbing
    There were more than ten climbing shops and schools in Phi Phi and Krabi with experienced and qualified instructors and classes from beginner to advanced levels, but some of these have closed or gone out of business. Of the remaining 8, the notable ones are Railey Beach Real Rocks Climbing School, The Rock Shop Ton Sai Rock Climbing, and Base Camp Ton Sai. Rock climbing walls are also available in the resorts and other parts of the islands like Ton Sai Tower, Hua Ling Wall (Monkey Head Wall), Ao Ling Wall (Monkey Bay Wall), to name a few.
    The island is dotted with beaches all around and this is a good condition for learning and doing kiteboarding. There is one school on the island offering classes from beginner to advanced.

    How long does it take to walk around Phi Phi Island?

    For a brisk and experienced walker (adults), it will take about 20 minutes only. For those who would like to do a leisurely stroll, 30 minutes will take you to the top. The pathways are well-trodden and mostly paved. There are several areas to stop by for a rest if necessary.

    Are there dangerous sharks in the Phi Phi Islands?

    Fear not. There has not been any report of humans being attacked or bitten by sharks. This is one place in the world where marine lovers can enjoy the best of the sea and its bounty.

    Did the 2004 tsunami hit Koh Phi Phi Don Island?

    The Indian Ocean tsunami of December 2004 that hit many islands of Southeast Asia had struck a large part of Phi Phi Don’s inhabited area with 10,000 occupants reportedly (including tourists) there at that time. 70% of the buildings had been destroyed. By July 2005, 850 bodies had been recovered and 1,200 reported still missing. Earlier that year, a voluntary organization was set up by a former resident of the island, who together with 68 Thai staff recruits and more than 3,500 volunteer backpackers returned to Phi Phi to do clearing and rebuilding. The next month, a second voluntary organization emerged and worked on removing debris from the bays and coral reef. After six months, buildings had been repaired by the government, and several hundred businesses had been restored. By year-end, almost 1,500 hotel rooms in Ko Phi Phi Don resorts were opened and a tsunami warning system had been installed by the government assisted by some volunteers.

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