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    thailand Internet sim card

    Thailand Sim Card

    Want to stay connected during your Thailand holiday? It’s super easy to buy a prepaid sim card and install a SIM card to be able to avail of tourist sim card packages. Tourist SIM cards and prepaid sim cards are sold at the international airport (international arrivals area) or other airports in Thailand, like in Chiang Mai, so you can get a Thai sim card upon arrival. A tourist sim is perfect for uploading your travel pics to Instagram, navigating new places with Google Maps, getting travel advice and reviews, and pre-booking ferry tickets online. Not forgetting to keep loved ones updated through messaging apps! Connectivity is good across most of the country and data plans are very affordable.

    Tourist prepaid SIM cards sold at airports in Thailand at international arrivals areas offer unlimited internet data packages for short periods of time. You will need to show your passport to buy a tourist sim card. 

    Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Don Mueang International Airport, Phuket International Airport, Chiang Mai International Airport and Koh Samui and other international airports all have places to buy a sim card on arrival, even at the domestic hall. If you’re staying longer or want to save money, it is recommended to purchase your Thai SIM card from a convenience store or official telco or phone outlet elsewhere in Thailand. Then you can consider a full range of data packages for calls, text, internet and social media to suit your needs through that Thai sim card.

    Bangkok is the most popular place to buy a mobile phone. The MBK shopping mall situated downtown in the city centre has a whole floor dedicated to tech products with very competitive prices, like an AIS shop. It’s easy to get to MBK as it’s located right next to the National Stadium sky train station. All phones sold in Thailand are “unlocked” which means you can use all types of sim cards in it.

    It’s easy to make calls in Thailand. The Bangkok area phone number code is 02 and the Thailand country code is 66. All Thai phone numbers have 10 numerals including the area/country code. Just dial the 10-digit number and connect.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Internet SIM Card

    Which is the best mobile network in Thailand?

    Thailand has three major GSM mobile service providers – AIS, DTAC and Truemove AIS. Coverage is very good throughout the country, including all cities, tourist destinations, islands and the rural countryside. True Move seems to get the best reviews online with users saying it has more widely reliable connectivity (or max speed) thus better coverage and better tourist sim (or any sim card in Thailand)deals. AIS sim cards are reportedly also the best Thai sim card and/or the best-prepaid sim card as well available at any AIS shop. Or you can use any of the popular three companies as the service provider for your Thailand sim which you can also order online for over a decade. These three networks offer tourist prepaid plans that include everything you need such as unlimited international calls, unlimited internet, wi-fi networks, text and messages, and many more!

    What are the major providers for an Australia tourist sim card?

    There are only three mobile phone networks in Australia, namely: Optus, Telstra and Vodafone Australia that offer 3G, 4G and 5G services that allow users to put an Australian sim card in a phone that they own. These networks have various plan offerings which feature unlimited talk and text, domestic or international, a data bank with at least 16G, and a rollover plan.At the same time, there are smaller mobile phone plan providers called MVNOs-Mobile Virtual Network Operators. They are powered by any of the three mentioned networks Optus, Telstra, Vodafone Australia. Among these MVNOs are Coles Mobile and Woolworths Mobile. Both Coles Mobile is powered by Optus and Woolworths Mobile is powered by Telstra. Vodafone Australia powers MVNOs, too, like TPG, Kogan Mobile, etc.
    The MVNOs powered by a full Optus network and Vodafone network have full access to the services of these networks. Telstra has a smaller network offering for its MVNOs except for Boost Mobile that it has provided full access to its entire network.
    When you purchase your Australian sim card from an Optus store and get Optus Data and the full Optus network and a data bank with at least 16G.
    A sim card for the MVNOs or the bigger networks can be purchased at their shops like an Optus store and get the full Optus network features with Optus data and a data bank with at least 16G. Convenience stores in airports or in big cities also sell sim cards (plan or prepaid sim card or prepaid Australia sim card) powered by various providers. You just choose which in your opinion has better coverage.

    Can I use my Australian sim card in Thailand?

    For business travellers and tourists alike, you can certainly use your Australian sim card in Thailand. You just need to turn on the roaming feature to activate it. Or, you can also buy an international roaming data pack. Thailand is categorized under Zone 1 so your package cost will range from $30-$85.

    Can I purchase Australian prepaid sim cards in Thailand?

    Most of the Australian sim cards have a roaming package feature. These are the Australian providers that offer travel plans, to serve as your guide before your Thailand travel:
    Optus. Optus has a travel plan that lets you use your prepaid Australia sim card and lets you top up as you go.
    Telstra network. For a Telstra sim card, you can subscribe to an international roaming plan or a prepaid sim account featuring broadband services while overseas. The company has an International Day Pass for those travelling to Thailand.
    Virgin Mobile. This Australia sim card has an International Roaming feature. You just need to turn on the roaming feature for activation.
    Vodafone sim card. Vodafone network’s roaming plan is very affordable and you can turn it active through MyVodafone.

    How much is a SIM card in Thailand?

    A local sim card costs from as low as 49 baht to 599 baht. The prices of a local sim card vary depending on max speed, unlimited internet duration, and credit/minutes for unlimited local calls. These variables are the features offered in tourist or traveller sim packages, like international service rates, wi-fi networks, unlimited internet or unlimited data, a free call, credit unlimited local calls, and international calls, or a data package. Tourist prepaid packages also include calls (cost/minute), internet (cost/Mb), credit to the max speed, and credit unlimited local calls aside from international calls. There are also roaming tourist packages with good coverage and mobile internet features (for buyers of travel sim or tourist sims), offers of free or unlimited local calls and postpaid packages. If unsure, you can ask about sim only plans and purchase one from convenience stores or some petrol stations.

    Where can I buy a prepaid sim card in Thailand?

    You can purchase a prepaid sim card when you land at Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok and in the other major cities and major international airports. There are also convenience stores aside from the shops of the service providers that sell prepaid sim cards. Some petrol stations sell prepaid sim cards too.
    You just need to present your personal information with your Australian address and Australian phone number and whether you are tourists or business travellers. If you present your passport, most shops will just ask for your Australian address to verify your identification.
    But if you are subscribed to an Australian provider with International Roaming features, you can just use your Australia sim and activate your roaming feature.

    How can I top up my prepaid sim card?

    To top up the mobile credit data of your traveller sim card is very easy and can be done at any 7-Eleven convenience stores, any family mart, AIS shop or other service providers or sim card provider stores and via Boonterm machines nationwide. The store staff will easily help in your top-up. Top up packages in 300 baht and 500 baht can also be purchased for a traveller sim from any telephone or 7-11 shops or AIS shop or any family mart which are found all over Thailand. A higher-priced traveller sim package top-up could enable you to have max speed with unlimited data usage, free calls or even credit unlimited calls. But if you opt for a cheaper option, then you can look and compare other prepaid packages.

    Can I get an internet prepaid SIM card at Bangkok airport?

    Yes, there are places to buy Thailand prepaid sim cards just outside customs near international arrivals at Suvarnabhumi Airport and Don Muang. The telco company kiosks near international arrivals sell exactly what Thailand traveller sim cards with pre-loaded data for various lengths of time you may need, like an AIS store. There are also options for sim only plans available. In recent years, to buy a sim, Thai sim cards purchased online is already possible. You can then get your purchased sim card or top up at international airports, saving you time from queuing at the internet shops or telco shops just to buy a sim.

    Can I use Whatsapp in Thailand?

    As long your sim card is connected to the mobile internet at max speed, you can use Whatsapp regardless of where you are. You may use a WIFI connection or buy a Thai tourist sim card then connect to Whatsapp to make calls or send text messages. A sim card is very important to have when travelling in Thailand because you’ll be able to go anywhere without having to worry about not being connected to your family and friends. Additionally, having Whatsapp installed on your phone will allow you to benefit from unlimited standard international calls. You can make unlimited international calls back home, ensuring that you can share the fun with your family and friends who are waiting for you back home! Travelling abroad can make you homesick so it’s always nice to know that the most important people in your life — if they’re not part of your travelling company — are simply one call away. You have several options to choose from when it comes to messaging. Don’t worry — you can connect to the world, regardless if you’re in a rural area or planning to travel in more populated areas.

    How do I get connected to the Internet in Thailand?

    Many hotels, restaurants and cafés in Thailand provide free Wi-Fi internet access to their guests and customers. Or travellers can buy a tourist sim card either with prepaid data or purchase a standard sim and add data for calls, messaging and web surfing. Prepaid sim cards often offer unlimited internet data packages for short periods of time (7 -14 days). It’s crucial to have a sim card the second you arrive in Thailand so that you can connect to mobile networks.

    Does Thailand have 4G?

    Thailand’s 4G connectivity has improved over the years and operators are looking at rolling out 5G networks over the coming months. Sim cards in Thailand allow you to stay connected to the internet, even if you’re travelling in remote areas, make unlimited calls as well as international calls, and basically stay connected to the rest of the world. Of course, it’s important to stay within network coverage to benefit from Thailand’s 4G connectivity.

    Is the coverage in Thailand fast?

    Many countries have good coverage that is fast and responsive just like in Australia. In Southeast Asia, one country arguably has the best coverage as of December 2020 and that would be Thailand. With an average fixed broadband speed of 308.95 megabits per second for downloads, it has surpassed a number of countries such as Singapore in terms of internet speed. With its fast development of telecom infrastructures, expect all forms of connection such as international calls and mobile device gaming to become better each year in Thailand.

    Is there free WiFi at Bangkok airport?

    Free Wi-Fi is available at Suvarnabhumi Airport for up to 2 hours per day. There are also free internet kiosks located around the airport. Each user can access a 15-minute internet connection at a time. When it times out, you will need to re-login again for a further 15 minutes of usage.

    Can I use my mobile phone in Thailand?

    Provided your mobile phone is unlocked, it will work in Thailand. It’s cheap and easy to buy a Thailand travel sim card and will save you lots of money on international roaming rates. However, if your phone is locked, there are still a lot of options you can do to ensure that you’ll stay connected while travelling in Thailand. Your best bet is to ask your service provider for your phone to be temporarily unlocked for the duration of the trip. Usually, this is going to last for at least 30 days or an entire month. Other countries with these service providers, such as the United States of America or Australia, offer this option to their customers. This is so that customers can avoid having to waste money on a new phone when they’re travelling to another country. But if for some reason, your phone cannot be temporarily unlocked, then you can purchase a mobile phone with a sim card that offers temporary prepaid options. This lets you stay connected to important numbers while you’re travelling, like your tourist guide, the taxi driver or even the hotel that you’ve booked. It’s also important to make sure that your mobile phone has enough data to access the network and to use the service.

    Is YouTube banned in Thailand?

    You might be worried about not being able to stream your favourite videos while in Thailand but there’s nothing to worry about. Although YouTube has been blocked intermittently in the past, it is available and operational in Thailand, just like in other countries.

    Is WhatsApp popular in Thailand?

    Thai people prefer to use the LINE messenger application, followed by Facebook Messenger, then Whatsapp. LINE and Facebook Messenger offer the same features as WhatsApp, like unlimited calls and messages to your contacts, provided that you have the right data plan or sim card plan to stay connected to mobile networks.

    Which application is popular in Thailand?

    LINE is the most popular messenger app in Thailand used for daily communication among locals, followed by Facebook Messenger then Whatsapp. All three apps are good for unlimited calls and texts, making sure that you’ll always be able to send a message to your family and friends back home or in other countries.

    Where can I buy a phone in Thailand?

    You can buy a mobile phone from any phone retailer throughout Thailand. Most people prefer to shop for phones in Bangkok and often go to MBK Mall to look for a bargain in their phone model purchase. Travellers should keep in mind that Thailand phone sellers generally keep to the global pricing models for well-known brands. If a phone is very cheap, then chances are it’s not authentic. Rest assured you will find affordable mobile phones in most of the towns here in Thailand. Just make sure that it’s the best choice for your travelling needs.

    How do I install and activate tourist sim cards in Thailand?

    When you buy a new phone in Thailand and after you purchase your Thai sim card, simply insert the Thailand prepaid data sim card in the phone’s sim card slot. You can also request staff at the shop to do that for you and then activate the sim card for you at the same time so you can use it immediately. It’s important to activate your sim card as soon as possible. Once you have a mobile phone and an activated sim card in hand, then you’ll have several options to choose from when it comes to prepaid plans that will keep you connected to the mobile networks. Thailand’s 4G network offers great coverage when you’re using data. But if you purchase a prepaid plan that doesn’t have data, then you can always connect to the wifi that is offered by many restaurants and shops.

    What is the difference between a tourist sim card and a local sim card in Thailand?

    Tourist sim cards and local sim cards let users do the same things – browse the internet, check emails and social media, send messages, stream videos and even make calls to international numbers. The only difference is that tourist sim cards have an expiration after thirty days. International calls will cost you 1 baht/minute. Calls within Southeast Asia or the ASEAN countries cost 1.5-3baht/minute, depending on the country you are calling.

    What are the popular prepaid plans for unlimited international calls?

    The most popular plans when it comes to mobile networks and coverage are going to differ based on what you need to access using your phone. You should also consider if you want the most popular plan or the best starter pack or even the budget option that offers the extra data you need. Your best bet is really going to boil down on what you need the most.

    How can I register for unlimited standard international calls?

    Travelling to different countries is going to be expensive, especially if you’re going to get charged for roaming or international calls. Travellers have the option to work with their phone providers back home to include roaming plans when going abroad. But usually, the best choice is to make sure your phone is unlocked so that you can purchase a sim card and top up on affordable prepaid data plans. When it comes to unlimited standard international calls in Thailand, you can register by looking carefully through the data plans that offer unlimited international calls as part of their prepaid packages.

    What are the standard national numbers in Thailand?

    If for any reason you plan on making online calls to mobile phones in Thailand, then there is a large selection of standard national numbers to contact within the country. Local Thai numbers are divided into three area codes that are only reachable in certain regional and remote areas: Bangkok virtual numbers have their own local area code and they start with +66 (0) 2 followed by seven digits. Chiang Mai virtual numbers also have a local area code of their own and theirs start with +66 (0) 52 followed by six digits. Finally, Chon Buri virtual numbers is a standard national number that starts with +66 (0) 33 followed by six digits. They also have their own local area code. Thailand also has standard national numbers that are reachable throughout the country. These national Thai numbers start with +66 (0) 60 followed by six digits. Toll-Free Thai Numbers start with 1800 and are their calls are free from within the country and lastly, there are Mobile Thai numbers that are capable of receiving SMS. Their mobile phone numbers start with +66 (0) followed by nine digits.

    I’m from Australia. How can I prepare for my trip to Thailand?

    There’s a lot of things to consider when travelling to different countries. You have to consider how much money will fit your budget, what you’re going to bring, which hotel you’re going to visit and spend your days in, etc. Experienced travellers from Australia will know and expect that going to any foreign place in this world requires you to spend some time coming up with the right plan with a good budget that consists of only the best option for you and your finances. So, Aussies, get your passport ready and make sure that you’ll get hooked up with a good travel company that will help you plan for your trip. There are a few tips you should know if this is your first time heading to Thailand. You should make sure your mobile phone or device is unlocked so that you can purchase a sim card in Thailand and activate it to connect to the networks within one country. Travellers would consider this as the cheaper alternative than buying a new mobile device altogether or being fined for roaming charges from their service providers back home. If you’re subscribed to Boost Mobile, then expect that it’s going to be a little different when you’re already in Thailand.
    You can buy your prepaid sim card in Australia. You can get an Australia sim card from the providers in Australia. Choose a prepaid sim card that has an International Roaming feature, just turn on the roaming feature and you can use the same sim card even while travelling in Thailand.

    How different is an Australian sim card from a Thai sim card?

    If you’re from Australia and you want to visit Thailand for a while or so, then it is crucial to know which is the best prepaid sim card that is worth your pay. It’s best to compare the prepaid sim card in Australia that you are currently using and see how it compares with Thailand’s prepaid sim card data plans or even the starter pack for travellers. Details such as your budget and the number of calls you make on your device are good grounds to base your choice on when deciding on a prepaid SIM card that is suited for your needs. When it comes to prepaid sim service providers in Australia that offer good coverage, Boost Mobile is your best bet. This is because Boost Mobile is closely connected to the biggest network in Australia, Telstra Network. In fact, Boost Mobile actually has access to the full Telstra network, which covers 99.4% of the Australian population, unlike other MVNOs powered by Telstra. Other MVNOs have access to only a few Telstra Network features, thus you can see that Boost mobile is your best choice for your sim card in Australia that you will use in Thailand. That being said, Boost Mobile offers one of the most well-known prepaid sim plans for a sim card in Australia, costing only about $30. For that Boost Mobile prepaid sim card plan, you get at least 20GB of data, unlimited calls and texts within the country, unlimited international calls to 20 countries, and 300 minutes to an additional 30 countries. The best plan of a Boost Mobile prepaid sim card in Australia lasts about 28 days. However, if you plan on staying longer, the data that you don’t use will roll over to the next month. If you want to glaze over some of your options on other prepaid sim plans available in Australia, there are still a ton of data plans you can go over that costs just about the same as what Boost mobile offers with its prepaid sim plans, albeit doesn’t offer the same coverage or international inclusion as the aforementioned Boost plan. For instance, with a 98.5% coverage, the Optus internet apn provides a similar prepaid sim plan to what Boost mobile has to offer. For more details about the company and what it has to offer, you can use the Optus app online or physical Optus stores around cities and areas in Australia or make inquiries in convenience stores selling prepaid sim cards.

    What is the best network in Australia and how does it compare with Thailand?

    For those who wish to visit Australia or are just business travellers, there are three major Australian operators in the world of phone networks: Telstra, Optus and Vodafone network. Telstra, being the oldest telecom in Australia, offers the best overall if all you want is some good reception for phone calls to an Australian phone number during the holidays, as it has the best coverage out of all the networks with 99.4% coverage of the Australian population. If you’re on a budget and are looking for a cheaper alternative, then Optus, Vodafone, Boost Mobile and other networks are pretty golden with better coverage than MVNOs. At the end of the day, though, there is no clear winner on which is the best Australian prepaid sim card. It just depends on what matters to you at the moment: network coverage or cost. When you visit Thailand, you will need to adjust since the country has different mobile networks but it should work relatively the same way and provide you with everything you need when it comes to starter packages that include, aside from local calls, also international calls, roaming coverage, mobile data, unlimited calls and texts, big data or extra data, the ability to pay online, extra credit validity, etc. There is no one best Australian sim card. It is all depending on what need your prepaid sim cards fulfil for you if you reside in or just wish to visit Australia.

    What is the best SIM plan in Australia and is it the same in Thailand?

    There are telecoms such as Optus Network and their Flex plans that offer prepaid daily data plans, with 1GB worth of data per day and unlimited talk and text in Australia. But when you visit Thailand, you’ll have to get used to other providers that still offer great coverage within the country.

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