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    family holiday thailand

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    The warm climate of Thailand, beautiful diverse scenery and affordability make it ideal for family holiday destinations. With cities, national parks and a host of idyllic tropical islands to choose from, it’s easy to see why Thailand remains at the top of the list when it comes to a family holiday destination. Not to mention cheap delicious Thai food, easy transportation and accessibility, and colourful culture, adults and children will be amazed at all the things they can see and do in the “land of smiles.” Thailand family resorts and family-friendly hotels are plentiful with the convenience of kids’ clubs and babysitting services. To take the stress out of planning, there are many Thailand family holiday packages available so you can just relax and enjoy the customised itinerary, sights and activities.

    Family Holiday Thailand

    There are many places to visit in Thailand with family but many families like to choose a tropical island paradise for their vacation.

    Phuket, among Thailand's best value holiday destinations with family-friendly resorts

    Koh Samui: Koh Samui, the largest island in the Gulf of Thailand is popular with all types of travellers because of its laid back atmosphere and calm clear-water beaches. Many resorts in Koh Samui are child-friendly with facilities available such as babysitting, designated children’s playgrounds, pools and daily kids clubs, plus it’s very easy to get to by a short flight from Bangkok, making it a good Thailand holiday destination for families.

    Enjoy the holidays with your children in Krabi resorts for the best family adventure trip

    Phuket: Thailand’s largest island- Phuket, attracts tens of thousands of travellers per year. With an airport, multiple hospitals, malls and wonderful beaches, this tropical paradise is packed with resorts and activities so it’s easy to see why it remains a tourist mainstay, especially for families.

    Krabi: Although Krabi is a province on the mainland, its strategic location makes it an excellent destination for a family seaside holiday and the perfect getaway to go island hopping. Only a short boat trip away, families can visit nearby amazing islands such as Koh Lanta and the Phi Phi islands or discover Krabi’s magnificent Railay peninsula which can only be reached by a 10-minute boat ride. Railay is composed of four different beaches, all stunning and has some of the best rock climbing spots in Thailand.

    A waterpark with gigantic water slides and pools for your holidays in Hua Hin, among the best family holiday destinations

    Koh Lanta: Koh Lanta is like Phuket but without shopping malls and waterparks. It’s a small island with stunning uncrowded beaches, a historic town, a national park, waterfalls, and jungles. It is nearby many other small islands and is a great base from which to go island-hopping. Both parents and kids will enjoy the lively Long beach which is the largest and busiest place on the island. The water is very swimmable and there’s lots of activity happening on and around the beach. Older kids can enjoy water sports, hiking, kayaking, and beach sports. The Four Island day tour with snorkelling at Koh Rok and visiting Emerald Cave and its remarkable iridescent green lagoon is another family favourite activity.

    Chiang Mai and its majestic temples and mountains

    Hua Hin: a few hours south of Bangkok, is perfect for family beach holidays. This charming seaside town is mellow and a good option for chilling out in one of the many beach resorts or private villas and wandering the night bazaars in the evenings for some souvenir shopping and cheap eats. There are some great day trip options and the two water parks in the region are world-class for hours of entertainment.

    No.1 among destinations of Thailand travellers for culture trips in cities.

    Chiang Mai: In the north, Chiang Mai offers adventurous family holidays with a more relaxed atmosphere compared to Bangkok and big cities or some of the islands in the south. It’s great for nature-loving families looking for an alternative to beaches. Families can take a tuk-tuk tour around the city’s historical sites or those families who enjoy the great outdoors should take a chance for jungle trekking and teach younger ones about native wildlife while soaking up breaking scenery and even swimming in the cool waters of exquisite waterfalls in a national park. Chiang Mai local tour operators can arrange experiences suitable for people of all ages. For more of an adrenalin rush, families can try rafting, kayaking and ziplining. Take walks around the temples and ruins of the Old Chiang Mai City and shop for handicrafts at Chiang Mai Night Bazaar, visit ethical elephant sanctuaries, Chiang Mai zoo or venture to hill tribe village to learn about the region’s ethnic cultures.

    Pattaya's Sanctuary of Truth, among its many amazing temples to experience  in your Thailand holidays.

    Bangkok: Bangkok has loads of fun activities for kids to do as part of their family holidays. Spend days at places like Dream World, Safari World and SEA LIFE Ocean World Bangkok, Children’s Discovery Museum, Museum of Siam, Kidzania and Imaginia Playground. Bangkok also has the best array of Thai street food in the country, floating markets and huge multi-level shopping malls to spend hours gallivanting about and shopping until your drop. A visit to Bangkok is not complete without the chance to experience its museums and temples and the Grand Palace itself.

    Pattaya's Sanctuary of Truth, among its many amazing temples to experience  in your Thailand holidays.

    Pattaya: To break up an urban trip, only two hours drive away from Bangkok you will reach the popular coastal area of Pattaya in Chonburi Province. Pattaya has a notorious reputation for nightlife, but there are lots of activities for families and kids to do. The Sanctuary of Truth, the curiosities at Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, Khao Kheow Open Zoo and eco-adventure park at the Flight of the Gibbon, Botanical Gardens complete with an animal petting zoo and bird atrium, Underwater World Pattaya and a variety of water parks to splash about in will leave adults and their little ones happily exhausted from so much stimulation overload!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Thailand good for families?

    Thailand is a fantastic place to visit for family holidays. Family activities in Thailand come in all shapes and sizes with so much to see and do, with accommodation facilities in your location of interest.

    Is Thailand safe for a family trip?

    Thailand is considered one of the safest countries in Southeast Asia and the Pacific regions. But from time to time there are political tensions and public protests in Bangkok, and it is advised to avoid some provinces in the southern tip of Thailand because of ongoing ethnic and racial conflicts. Check your home country’s travel advice on this.

    Is Phuket safe for a family holiday?

    Phuket is geared towards families and is considered to be a very safe family holiday destination. Phuket is among Thailand’s top holiday destinations, if not the top, for all kinds of trips. Accommodation options in Phuket cater to all budgets and travel companions, meaning there are resorts and hotels with facilities and activities for children and older kids as well as parents and other adults.

    Where is the best holiday destination for families?

    Where to stay in Thailand as a family? There isn’t one best destination for families. It would depend on your interest. Thailand offers so much diversity depending on what you wish to visit. The north of Thailand is completely different from the south in terms of climate, landscape, culture, sites and activities. Thailand family holiday deals or holiday packages to Thailand will usually take in a few of these sights or you can help design your own itinerary together with your travel guide. Family-friendly resorts are many, in each of Thailand’s tourist or holiday destinations, whether the mountains or the beaches and snorkelling, scuba diving or inland with tennis courts and zip lining activities.

    What is the best month to go to Thailand?

    Thai seasons are divided into three: dry, hot and wet. The best time to travel to Thailand is any month between November and February. This time of year is warm, dry and sunny. Thailand weather in December and the New Year into January is at its tropical best, with sunny skies, warm breezes and cooler evenings.

    Is Bangkok good for a family holiday?

    Bangkok has loads of fun activities for kids to do as part of their Thailand family holidays. Spend days at places like Dream World, Safari World and SEA LIFE Ocean World Bangkok, Children’s Discovery Museum, Museum of Siam, Kidzania and Imaginia Playground. Bangkok also has the best array of Thai street food in the country, floating markets and huge multi-level shopping malls to spend hours gallivanting about and shopping until your drop!

    Where should a family stay in Phuket?

    Patong’s 3-km golden-sand strip is the busiest beach with plenty of water sports on offer. Kata and Kata Noi on the west coast offer family-friendly fun with good food and hotels. Karon Beach has great snorkelling spots. Bang Tao, is home to luxurious villas, large resorts and beach clubs. Surin Beach has beautiful fine white sand and crystal clear water during dry season making it a fantastic snorkelling spot. Rawai beach is the departure port for boats heading out to the surrounding islands with a Sea Gypsy Village, lots of food stalls, street food and beachfront dining.

    Is Phuket child-friendly?

    Phuket is Thailand’s largest island with a myriad of activities for families with some beautiful beach spots where young kids can splash in the sea and play on the soft sand while the older ones can enjoy water sports like sea canoeing, wakeboarding, boogie boarding or Water Parks. Phuket Bird Park and Aquarium are great for kids of all ages to learn about the native wildlife. The island also boasts some of the best resorts in Thailand for families, many of which offer special travel deals throughout the year.

    How do I plan a family trip to Thailand?

    Make a common decision among yourselves, parents and children, and decide on the place you want to visit and activities you want to experience, the things to do in Thailand you would wish for the family. Thailand Holiday Group can then help you with the rest – booking your accommodation choices like a beach resort with water slides or other water sports or cooking classes in the hotels, Muay Thai bouts, mountain adventures to see elephants, temples and more. Our staff can get you a good deal to make your family travel as fun as you wish.

    Is Thailand suitable for kids?

    Thailand has many locations and sites and sights and activities suitable for children of all ages. Like any country, there are certain places, whether in cities or countrysides, that are not advised for children. It is up to you and your tour leader or guide to steer clear of these places.

    What is there to do in Thailand for kids?

    There is so very much for kids to do and enjoy in Thailand. There are museums, animal and wildlife parks and sanctuaries, cooking classes to learn about Thai cuisine and its national dish, the famous Pad Thai, Muay Thai bouts to watch. There are hill tribes to see, or other cultural images of Thailand like a floating village, a traditional fishing village, various sizes and forms and materials of the Buddha, national parks with elephants, tigers, other wildlife and colourful flowers. There are waterfalls of different heights, like the Erawan Falls. Then there are the islands and stunning coastlines in the south, with caves and jungles and mountains to trek, cool clear waters to snorkel and swim in, beach resorts to hang out and watch the sunset.

    What is the best month to go to Thailand?

    There is no one best month to go to Thailand, travellers can easily have fun Thailand holidays at any beach resort on the island during the months between November and early April, when the weather is mild. With the varying climate in different regions of the country though, any time can be a good time to go have your holiday.

    Where can I take my baby in Thailand?

    You can bring your baby with you for your Thailand family travel to any of the destinations mentioned above, with family-friendly features and activities and facilities for children, small to teenagers. Many hotels and resorts have babysitting features. You can stipulate that request to be booked in advance of your travel, with our THG staff.

    Is Koh Samui good for families?

    Yes, Koh Samui has many natural attractions and activities that families will enjoy and have fun with together.

    What part of Phuket is best to stay?

    These are the recommended best locations to stay in Phuket for specific reasons.
    – For couples and families, North and South Patong are advised
    – For those interested in culture and history, the Old Town of Phuket
    – For accessibility to and from the airport, Mai Khao Beach is recommended.
    – Bang Tao area is suggested for luxury and privacy requirements
    – For those on honeymoon trips, for couples or family, Karon and Kata areas are recommended.
    – For singles and swingers, it is suggested to stay in Central Patong

    Is Khao Lak good for families?

    Khao Lak is good for families. It is described to be more family-friendly than other destinations being quiet in comparison. With less lively or exuberant (read: noisy) nightlife, Khao Lak is more laid back and thus, is more attractive to couples and families with children, or active water sports travellers not so much into the nightlife as others.

    Why do families go to Thailand?

    Like most Asian countries, children are celebrated and regarded with affection in Thailand. That makes it an ideal place for a family holiday destination. At the same time, the weather, the low cost of living and the immense array of accommodation options and activities and events for children and families all add up to Thailand’s being a great destination for family holidays.

    Is Pattaya good for the family?

    Pattaya is called the hub of Thailand’s nightlife and has been dubbed ‘sin city,’ yes. However, it is more than nightlife in Pattaya, which is why it remains a favourite destination in Thailand.
    Among its numerous beach resorts and hotels and other accommodation options, there are more than a few family-friendly, child-friendly accommodations in Pattaya. In addition, so many family-oriented facilities and activities are available in Pattaya. Day trips on a boat ride to the islands nearby, water parks with slides and separate children’s pools in several hotels, the beach for water sports, and more, are there, and just so good for a fun and exciting family adventure vacation.

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