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    Situated in Trat province within the Koh Chang archipelago in the Gulf of Thailand, nearby Cambodia, you will find the idyllic Koh Kood (as known as Koh Kut). We say idyllic because the island has been kept relatively unspoiled, with tourism mainly focused on tour packages and private resorts. If you’re looking for a lazy beach escape- this is the place. 

    The landmass is not small being 25 km. in length and 12 km. wide, making it Thailand’s fifth-largest island. There is no main town or centre for business activities. Instead, you will find long deserted roads and no public transport so it’s recommended you hire a scooter to get around or charter local transport like a songthaew or taxi. But be aware that the prices to go anywhere with local transport are quite expensive compared to other destinations.

    Koh Kood is essentially a holiday resort island with resorts connected to beaches only used by guests.  There are still some public accessible beaches.  Inland tends to host more isolated budget accommodation and guesthouses.  There are several good value-for-money options if you don’t mind staying a bit further away from the beaches.

    The nightlife is also very low key so don’t expect late-night beach parties, fire-shows or bucket drinks. The best you can expect is a number of bars centred around Long Chao beach area playing laidback tunes or live music around Bangbao beach.

    Koh Kood weather is characterised by a tropical monsoon climate with little variation in temperature throughout the year.  The best time to visit is during the dry season from November to April as during the wet season it is prone to torrential rains and choppy seas conditions.

    Koh Kood boasts some great natural attractions such as three waterfalls, two giant ancient and viney trees estimated to be up to 500 years old, and a coastal nature trail. The main waterfall on Koh Kood is Klong Chao Waterfall, with three tiers and a good plunge pool for cooling off, it is a lovely spot to rest up and take a break from the beach. It is accessed by following the small road that starts behind the Klong Chao Beach riverbank and taking an easy ten-minute walk through the forest.

    The island also has a small but interesting diving scene with charter boats are available for visiting the nearby islands of Koh Raet and Koh Maisi Lek, and divers can enjoy sites around the island, Roh Rang’s  Marine Park or do some serious wreck diving offshore of Koh Chang.

    Now let’s get to the best part and that is the pristine uncrowded beaches! Keeping in mind again that the beaches are mostly presided over by the resorts in Koh Kood that they are attached to.

    Yai Kee beach is a secluded bay on Koh Kood’s west and is divided into two distinct areas with a freshwater promontory from the Khlong Yai Kee river flowing into it and the Klong Yai Kee Waterfall. The beaches are sensational with striking white sand and crystal clear waters, the northernmost being the longest. This bay is home to the most expensive resort on the island- Soneva Kiri. Budget-friendly accommodation can be found further along the river away from the beach.

    Klong Mad beach is home to a small beach and a few homestays and resorts. It’s a quiet area with some restaurants and shops and used frequently by local fishermen.  In contrast, Ao Tapao beach is the longest and one of the most picturesque beaches on the island and has developed over the last few years, with five resorts to stay in by the beach. It’s very popular with visitors with shops and restaurants lining the road adjacent to the beach along with the island’s hospital, police station and town hall. Koh Kood’s main temple is also located just behind the beach.

    Klong Chao Beach is one of the Koh Kood‘s finest, with a long stretch of powder-soft sand and tranquil blue waters.  The area is a popular choice for travellers on a budget who stay on the river with luxury resorts lining the beach for those who can afford it.  Its become the main hive of activity on the island and a great place from which to explore the rest of what Koh Kood has to offer.

    Moving south away from  Klong Chao Beach, Ngamkho Beach is spread out over a couple of kilometres, with a narrow sandy beach lined with coconut groves. There are a few budget bungalows and restaurants dotted along the road strip parallel to the beachfront.  Sai Daeng beach is a small hidden beach around a rocky headland to the south of Ngamkho beach. This area is mainly used by guests staying at the adjacent resort and not really open to day visitors.

    A fantastic spot for snorkelling on the west coast, Bangbao Beach is a gorgeous horseshoe-shaped bay featuring powder-white sands and azure blue waters. It’s easy to understand why this beach is one of the most popular on the island. A handful of 3 and 4-star Koh Kood resorts are situated at the northern end with more budget-style bungalows towards the southern end.

    Takian beach is a wild and undeveloped beach and home to just two resorts on Koh Kood’s southwest coastline. Much of the beach is surrounded by a rocky backdrop, coconut groves and tall grass with large boulders scattered throughout this mostly untouched strip of golden sand and clear blue sea.  Up near the main road, backpacker-style accommodations are available along with cheap and cheerful eateries.

    Further down the south-west coast and a little off the beaten track, you will discover Klong Hin Beach. Set in a lovely horseshoe-shaped inlet,  there are only three places to stay on this quaint 400m long beach. The accommodation here attracts mainly Russian tour groups and the only places to eat are in the bungalow resorts as there are no other restaurants, shops or bars around.

    Ao Jak Beach is the west coast where the bungalows of the Neverland Resort are and some other nearby resorts. The resort and adjoining beach can be accessed down a long winding trail through the coconut fields and there are no other restaurants outside of the resorts in the area.

    Ao Phrao is the last beach on the south-west of the island with sweeping white sands and lined with four resorts and a few guesthouses nearby in the small fishing community that live at one end of the beach. It is the perfect spot for sunbathing and swimming.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Koh Kood worth visiting?

    Koh Kood, also known as Koh Kut, is a great choice for those looking for a tranquil beach holiday and the ultimate in relaxation. The island is mainly serviced by private resorts.  You will not see any traffic on the roads just the odd few drivers passing you by from time to time, making it the perfect island for exploring the sights by rented scooter. The only other form of transportation on the island are songthaews.

    How do you get to Koh Kood?

    Koh Kood is only accessible by boat. You can fly into Trat then take a boat to Koh Kood that depart from the pier at Laem Sok in Trat.

    How many days do you need in Koh Kood?

    How many days do you need to soak in this stunning tropical paradise? Anywhere from a few days to a week would be enough. There isn’t a huge amount to do on the island so if you are a very active you might get antsy after a few days of beach bumming.

    How do you get to Koh Kood from Pattaya?

    How to get to Koh Kood from Pattaya, is by bus and ferry and the whole journey takes about 7.5 hours. The distance between the two locations is approximately 435kms.

    How far is Koh Kood from Bangkok?

    The distance between Bangkok and Kood island is 324 km. The quickest way to travel is to catch a flight from Bangkok to Trat and once you have arrived you will need to jump on a minibus or grab a taxi to Laem Sok pier ( takes about 1 hour) and then a ferry to Koh Kood.

    How do I get from Krabi to Koh Kood?

    The best way to get from Krabi to Koh Kood without a car is to take a bus and ferry which takes almost 21 hours. The quickest way to reach the island is to take a 3.5-hour flight from Krabi to Trat airport then bus or taxi to Laem Sok pier and ferry to Koh Kood. The ferry trip takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes.

    What is Koh Kood popular for?

    Firstly for being a tour package resort island and secondly for its pristine beaches and peaceful atmosphere.

    Is Koh Kood touristy?

    Koh Kood Thailand is considered to be less touristy than nearby Koh Chang and other Gulf of Thailand islands. It has been rated as one of the best Thai islands and a place to enjoy a relatively untouched tropical paradise away from the bustling tourist hotspots. A Koh Kood beach is secluded, unspoilt and ideal for complete relaxation.

    How big is Koh Kood?

    It is large measuring  25 kilometres in length and 12 kilometres wide, making it Thailand’s fifth-biggest island.

    In which province is Koh Kooh located?

    The island is situated in Trat province within the Koh Chang archipelago in the Gulf of Thailand.

    Is Koh Kood expensive?

    Given the lack of transportation on the island, taxi and songthaews are more pricey than other island destinations. The most expensive resort on the island averages $1000+ per night but you can find budget bungalows along the river more inland for 500 baht per night. Most people dine in the resorts where they stay and there is not a great array of public restaurants so resorts can charge more for meals.

    How many beaches are there in Koh Kood?

    There’s three main beaches broken up in smaller segments which overall makes up 12 beaches.  But keep in mind that Koh Kood is mainly a holiday resort island with resorts connected to beaches only used by guests.  Although there are still some public accessible beaches.

    How is the weather in Koh Kood?

    The weather is characterised by a tropical monsoon climate with little variation in temperature throughout the year.  The best time to visit is during the dry season from November to April as during the wet season it is prone to torrential rains and choppy seas conditions.

    When is the best time to visit Koh Kood?

    The best time to visit is during the dry season from November to April.

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