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    Koh Samet (also spelt as Ko Samed), part of Rayong Province, has all the elements for a beach getaway escaping the urban centre of Bangkok or just as another island to add to your holiday island hopping trip. In only 3 hours drive from Bangkok to the Nuan Thip Pier and a short ferry ride, you will arrive at Na Dan Pier, the island’s main pier next to the main street. You will be welcomed by calm blue seas, crescent-shaped bays, powder-soft sand, which makes this place a fantastic destination for all types of water activities, relaxation and beachfront dining. You can see why it remains a favourite getaway for Bangkok dwellers, as often written by travel bloggers.

    The beaches of Koh Samet all sit within the national park so to gain access the advice is to prepare payment for an entrance fee of 200 baht that is valid for one week. The best way to get around to see what the island has to offer is to take a boat tour, where you can sightsee and hop on and off at any beach destination of your choice, in any weather. If you prefer more eco-friendly methods of transport, another piece of advice is to explore the island’s scenic coastlines is by sea kayak or canoe. 

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    THG Recommended Hotels in Koh Samet

    Discover more hotels in Koh Samet

    THG Recommended Attractions in Koh Samet

    Discover more attractions in Koh Samet

    Additional things to do in Koh Samet

    Bailan Bay

    Two kilometres to the north of Lonely beach is the popular family spot and flashpacker favourite of Bailan Bay with several cosy mid-range bungalow resorts near the centre of the small village. The area has a chilled out vibe and good fresh seafood eateries.

    Bangbao Village

    Bangbao is a peaceful fishing village in the south with long pier and lighthouse.

    It’s the best place to stay if you plan to go diving with many diving company offices situated in this area. Most people visit for some local fare and souvenir shopping.

    Klong Prao beach

    Klong Prao is 1.5 km in length and rarely feels crowded like White Sand or Lonely beaches.

    There are plenty of family-friendly resorts and the nearby Kai Bae beach also offers great options for families looking for a good value beachfront resort. 

    Mu Koh Chang National Park Viewpoint 

    The Mu Koh Chang viewpoint looks out across the Gulf and you can see Koh Yuak, Koh Man Noi, Koh Pli and Koh Man Nok in the distance. With 120 bird species in the park, you are bound to spot some native birds about. The entrance fee is 200 Baht for adults and 100 Baht for children.

    Khiri Phet Waterfall

    Khiri Phet waterfall is on the way to Koh Chang Marina and easy to reach with swimmable pools so its a good option for families with children. The route to reach the higher tiers involves climbing some rocks but they’re slippery and it’s an easy climb.

    Lonely Beach

    With soft powdery sand and clear water waters towards the south of Koh Chang, you will find Lonely Beach. Most hostels, budget hotels and bungalows can be found here but they are not beachfront but instead nestled between reggae bars and cheap eateries.

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    Koh Samet Holiday Packages: Things to do in Koh Samet

    Koh Samet has a total of 16 beaches, lining up the east coast and some on the western and northern coast. At the far end on the south, the beaches are more laid back and you get better chances to have your relaxing peace and a little bit of quiet, even if there is a resort or two nearby. On the north are the bars for music and a lively night out.

    Sai Kaew Beach is the most developed of all the beaches, with lots of tourists and tour groups, restaurants with a designated nightlife zone after dark for those looking to party. Most hotels and resorts of Koh Samet are located here. Parasailing, wakeboarding and jet skiing are popular on Sai Kaew beach.

    Some resorts here are Sai Kaew Beach Resort, reviewed as cozy and comfortable with the beach just a walk away; Samed Grand View Resort; Tonsak Resort; Avatara Resort; Sawasdee Coco Resort; Jirawan Hotel; Sinsamut Hotel Koh Samed; Green Bay Samed Resort; Saikaew Boutique Hotel; among others. There are more mid-range to budget accommodation options here, hence its popularity among tourists.

    Ao Wong Duan Beach or Malibu Beach is an excellent location offering a cozy atmosphere, crystal clear water, and plenty of shade. Many hotels nearby have the lowest nightly price.

    Ao Phai Beach is a more low-key beach located next to Sai Kaew. A tight length of white sand shore with beachfront restaurants and comfortable resorts and a wonderful view of the waters.

    Ao Vong Duen Beach attracts mainly local tourists from Bangkok and has a good selection of restaurants and bars on the beach and is popular for motorised water sports.

    The secluded Ao Kiu Na Nok Beach on the southern tip of the island can only be reached via a boat ride from Ban Phe Sub District. This little paradise for honeymooners and romantic escapes. Likewise, Ao Wai beach is a more remote beach that can only be reached by boat with very little around. Also on the southern part of the island is a picturesque rugged cape called Laem Toei with some stunning panoramic viewpoints.

    Ao Tubtim and Ao Phutsaa Beaches are a quick five-minute walk from the busy Ao Phai, but much quieter and serene; perfect for swimming and lazing around for a much-deserved rest. 

    Hat Sai Kaeo (Glass Sand Beach) on Na Dan, the island port village, is the largest beach that Koh Samet offers its visitors.

    There are good diving spots throughout the island, not just on the main beach, with open water dives for beginners in the surrounding shallow bays or for the more experienced, night dives are available to explore the nocturnal underworld world of Koh Samet.

    Hotel and resort features include the regular amenities for the comfort of guests per night, like family rooms for travellers with a family, airconditioned spacious rooms, free WiFi, parking, etc. Backpackers travelling on vacations with friends can find budget and medium-range resort and hotel accommodations that can give a relaxing night rest after exploring the other side of the island or active water sports. Some luxury resorts also feature a private pier for their visitors. Ao Prao Resort, part of the biggest hotel chain on the island, has a private pier for a speedboat shuttle that caters to the hotel guests exclusively. Ao Prao has beachfront cottages and hillside suites for guests to choose from. With two swimming pools, a babysitting service, a watersport center, a restaurant with an idyllic view of the sea and a beach massage on top of the regular amenities for comfort and convenience, Ao Prao is one luxurious stay for you and your family.

    Most resorts and beachfront hotels have their onsite dining spots where guests enjoy even a little bit of the idyllic ocean view and see boats coming to the island. You can even discover one or two that offers fine dining

    Like most islands in Thailand, Koh Samet offers its own brand of temples known as Wat Samet and houses a white 12-metre sitting Big Buddha at Hat Sai Kaew Beach, a quiet beach area. There are friendly monks on-site handing out good luck charms to visitors.

    Top Hotels in Koh Samet / Koh Samet Resorts

    Samed Pavilion Resort

    Situated just 40 miles from Ao Phai Beach, many travellers lists Samed Pavilion Resort as one of the top places to go to during a trip to Koh Samet. The resort features an outdoor pool with a sundeck and an on site restaurant.

    The Samed Pavilion Resort also offers air-conditioned rooms with individual colour themes and large windows that provide natural light and stunning views of the on-site garden or nearby beach. The resort is at least 3 hours away from the nearest airport going to Koh Samui and other areas in Thailand.

    Samed Pavilion Resort is located at 89/1 Moo 4, Ao Pai, T. Ban Phe, 21160 Koh Samet, Rayong Province, Thailand.

    Vongdeuan Resort

    Vongdeuan Resort is a modern villa resort in Koh Samet that features canoeing and snorkelling activities for travellers, upon request.

    The sprawling resort property is a 10-minute drive to Sai Kaew Beach, Ao Prao Beach, and Nah Dan Pier. Each unit at the resort offers free wifi access, satellite TV, minibar, and an electric kettle. Rooms are also equipped with a comfortable seating area and hairdryer. Their room prices are inclusive of a breakfast buffet.

    Samed Villa Resort

    Situated in Ko Samed, the Samed Villa Resort is located right by the stretch of Ao Phai Beach. Guests at this resort can indulge in authentic Thai dishes at the on-site restaurant or get spa treatments in a relaxing wooden house at the property.

    During their stay, guests can enjoy several special features, beginning with:

    *Availability subject to changes.

    Why partner with Thailand Holiday Group when you visit Koh Samet?

    Here at THG, we aim to make your holiday as comfortable and relaxing as possible. This is why our services include helping you create a travel plan that caters to your interests before going to Koh Samet. With us, you can also access discounts that other companies do not offer, including deals for cars, activities, packages, and more. We are affiliated with merchants and locals, which means we have insider knowledge on the best deals available.

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    In scenarios where the room you want is no longer available, we can contact the hotel directly and investigate the availability of the room. In most cases, we are able to secure the rooms from the hotels.

    Additionally, we can also ensure that the room you get either has special features or does not require you to pay extra upon check-in.

    *Terms and conditions are subject to change.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Koh Samet worth visiting?

    Koh Samet offers a lovely beach escape from the mainland, being only a three hour trip from Bangkok then a short ferry ride. It is a paradise island with white fine sand beaches, stunning sunset views and lively nightlife which makes it a satisfying respite from the city hustle and bustle.

    What are the things to do in Koh Samet worth staying?

    Hat Sai Kaew Beach. This is the most popular beach in Ko Samet. In the daytime, the area is great for chilling on the shore and in the water, like swimming and snorkelling. At night, the vibes transform to performances, locals hanging out relaxed party atmosphere. Ao Prao beach. This beach has many resorts but that doesn’t diminish the paradise-like ambience. The crystal clear blue waters and the white sands make it among the best beaches, according to traveller comments. The icing on this cake is the astonishingly magnificent sunsets to which mere photographs can’t do justice. Those sunsets have to be seen to be appreciated! Wat Ko Samet. In the middle of the village is a temple complex called the Wat Ko Samet, where the famous Big Buddha statue can be reached after several stairs. And in the mornings, there would be monks walking around and into the streets to receive alms like food. Budget and luxury accommodation options. There are budget hostels with private and shared rooms, a restaurant with healthy and delicious food served, and good locations near shops and restaurants. There is a luxury resort too, for comfort, in front of Ao Phai beach, with a massage service and stylish rooms. It has direct access to the beach from where you can watch and enjoy the sunsets to your heart’s content. Ao Wong Duean Beach(Crescent Moon Bay). The Ao Wong Duean Beach is one of the busiest in Ko Samet island, with restaurants and boats but it is easy to find quiet areas with good accommodations. Ao Wong Duean is close enough to walk to Ao Nuan beach and Ao Cho, a smaller beach and quiet too. Ao Phai beach. This location has greenery surrounding it. It is also where the luxury accommodation is situated, with other accommodation types too, and dining options. Khao Laem Ya National Park. This is a definite must-see in your Ko Samet holiday. Called the quieter side of Ko Samet island. Visit the hills and valleys, the nearby islands of the archipelago and enjoy this marine national park for real tripping with nature.

    Is Koh Samet expensive?

    There are a range of accommodation to suit all budgets but less variety than the larger islands. But overall Ko Samet is considered to be cheaper than Koh Samui, Koh Phangan or Phuket.

    How do you get to Koh Samet?

    Foreign travellers from London in England and other European and North American countries who missed having holidays with family and children in warm sunny weather are among those who usually choose a vacation in Koh Samet. Upon arrival in Bangkok, you can get to Ko Samet by a public bus, minivan or private taxi from to the Nuan Thip Pier in Ban Phe, just outside of Rayong. The journey from Bangkok to Ban Phe would take 3-4 hours depending on the traffic condition of the day. From Ban Phe, you can take a speed boat or ferry to the island in around 45 minutes, from which you will be greeted by the sight of a unique pier with a welcoming giant statue in the water.

    Where is Koh Samet?

    Koh Samet is an island in the east of the Gulf of Thailand off the coast of Rayong province, approximately 220 kilometres of Bangkok.

    How many days do you need in Koh Samet?

    Two days and two days is enough to enjoy the best of the beaches have to offer. There’s not much else to do. It makes a great getaway from bustling Bangkok for a few days. It’s very popular with Bangkokians on weekends and Koh Samet hotels can get fully booked, so if you want to avoid crowds, you are better advised to stay on the island during the weekdays

    How big is Koh Samet?

    Koh Samet is approximately 13 square km in diameter.

    How do you get around Koh Samet?

    Travellers who are in a reasonably fit condition can walk from the Koh Samet main town to Sai Kaew Beach or Ao Phai. Many tourists like to use motorbikes to explore. You can also take a boat tour where you can sightsee and hop on and off along the Ko Samet coastline. If you prefer more eco-friendly methods of transport, another way to explore Ko Samet island is by sea kayak or canoe.

    How many temples are there in Koh Samet?

    Like most islands in Thailand, Koh Samet has a temple complex known as Wat Samet and houses a white 12-metre sitting Big Buddha at Hat Sai Kaew Beach area. There are friendly monks on-site handing out good luck charms to visitors.

    Can I travel to Koh Samet?

    Not at the moment, no. Please see the answers below on the Thai government restrictions and regulations regarding the Covid-19 situation in the country.

    Is Koh Samet safe?

    Frequent travellers to Koh Samet clearly state their experiences of their holidays in Koh Samet of being safe and they have no issues with their personal or property security. There had been a report several years ago of a crime, which was discussed and researched online by enthusiasts of Ko Samet or Thailand as a holiday destination and later confirmed that it was a cut-and-paste report with no authorship so their conclusion was that it was a hoax or a hack or “Thailand bashing.” However, don’t forget to follow usual travel safety protocols and awareness, especially when going out for dinner in the evening.

    What is Koh Samet known for?

    The T-shaped island of Ko Samet is known for its coral white sandy beaches, captivating colourful corals and crystal clear turquoise waters. On top of that are the delectable cuisine and good nightlife activities. The development of Ko Samet had been steady and not commercialized construction, unlike the other islands. Ko Samet is popular among Thai locals and foreigners. Its proximity to Bangkok makes it ideal for a weekend getaway vacation for families, couples or professional workers or during holidays. It takes only 2.5 hours, or 3-4 in congested traffic conditions, from Bangkok to Ban Phe and around 20 minutes ferry-ride to Ko Samet.

    Is Koh Samet open for tourists?

    On May 18, 2021, the Tourism Authority of Thailand in Rayong announced the reopening of the island to visitors after no new Covid019 infections were found. Ko Samet had earlier been closed on April 27 after 5 new infections were reported. There is a nationwide state of emergency until September 30. The latest update on the situation is the extension by the Thailand government of enhanced restrictions in Bangkok and other provinces until at least August 17. The country has been classified into red, orange and yellow zones, according to the level of Covid-19 infections. The latest advice as of the first week of August is the extension of restrictions until 31 August. Rayong province (where Koh Samet belongs) is classified as a Dark Red zone, meaning only food establishments can stay open until 23:00. Social gatherings are maxed at twenty people and checkpoints have been set up to monitor inter-provincial travel. Flights to and from the classified Dark Red zones are suspended except for emergency landings or medical flights or those under the “tourism reopening program.” Citizens of several countries and Thai nationals from a specified destination are allowed to enter Thailand without a visa, except for those coming from Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Pakistan. These are still banned from entering the country because of concerns over the new covid variants.

    Can you drive to Koh Samet?

    Cars are not allowed on Ko Samet. You can drive, from Bangkok or Pattaya to Ban Phe and leave your car. There are secure parking areas near the Ko Samet ferry terminals for a minimal daily fee. You can also go by bus, minivan or taxi from Bangkok or minivan or taxi from Pattaya, which you can book online easily. From Pattaya, in a car or minivan, the trip will take an hour at most. From Bangkok, considering traffic, the trip will take around 5 hours by bus, at most 4 1/2 by minivan and 3 1/2 hours by car.

    How much is a taxi from Bangkok to Koh Samet?

    Taxi fares from Bangkok airport to Koh Samet are priced at 2000-2300 Baht. Minibus (for tour groups) fares are 3000 Baht. These prices include all skyway tolls, no hidden extras. There are taxis you can book online with the driver waiting at the arrivals section with your name on a placard, which will take you to Ban Phe Pier for your ferry to Koh Samet.

    Where is Koh Samet?

    Koh Samet (or Cajeput Island) lies in the Gulf of Thailand, one of the eastern seaboard islands. Ko Samet is part of Rayong province, off the coastline and is around 220 km southeast of Bangkok.

    Is there a car ferry to Koh Samet?

    There are no cars allowed on Ko Samet. However, on the mainland Ao Prao Pier, there is a parking service exclusively for hotel guests. You can leave your car at the pier and take a ferry or speed boat to Ko Samet.

    How do you get from Rayong to Koh Samet?

    There are two ways to get to Rayong from Ko Samet because there is no direct connection between them. One way is by a Songtaew (also spelt “songthaew”), a large pickup or truck refurbished as a passenger vehicle like a share taxi or bus, that is convenient for tour groups, to Ban Phe town to Ban Phe Nuan Thip Pier from which you can take the Fast Ferry to Ko Samet Na Dan Pier which takes an hour and 40 minutes. On a local ferry, the trip takes almost two hours but the price is cheaper. Or you can take a vehicle straight from Rayong via Ban Phe and Nuan Thip Pier, taking an hour and 49 minutes.

    What province is Koh Samet in?

    Ko Samet belongs to Amphoe Mueang Rayong, the capital district of Rayong province. It is the biggest and westernmost of the islands near the coast, approximately 2.6 south of mainland Rayong. From north to south perspective, Ko Samet is 6.8 km, although the travel distance from the main tourist pier, Nuan Thip Pier in Ban Phe town to Na Dan Pier in Ko Samet is around 10km.

    How do I get from Bangkok airport to Koh Samet?

    There is 147 km from Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport to Ko Samet. The best way from the airport to Ko Samet is by bus and ferry via the Bangkok Khao San Road, the trip taking 6 hours and 15mins. Other ways to travel to get to Ko Samet from Suvarnabhumi airport are by train-taxi-fast ferry taking six 1/2 hours, by mini bus-fast ferry also taking six 1/2 hours.

    Is there a national park on Koh Samet?

    In 1981, the Royal Forest Department of Thailand declared Koh Samet together with nine other small islands, the headland of Khao Laem Ya and 11 kms of Mae Rampeung Beach as the Khao Laem Ya Mu Ko Samet, a marine park in the Gulf of Thailand, off Rayong province coast, around 180km southeast of Bangkok. So as such, Koh Samet island and the other identified islands and areas have become under the jurisdiction of the national parks department. In 2013, there were 3 resorts ordered destroyed for being built illegally in the park. More than 500 of the national park’s officials were deployed to implement the order.

    How do I get to Koh Samet from Koh Chang?

    There is one ferry company travelling 7x/week with a trip taking 5hours and 30 minutes, although the Koh Chang-Koh Samed sailing durations and frequency depends on the season. Before attempting to take this route, check the latest updates first.

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