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    The most equal water parks in Thailand

    When you make a family trip to Thailand, you will no doubt get to know the regular tricks designed to dodge the heat (go through Saban-Elban every ten minutes, spend an hour or two in the mall, leave the hotel super-early in the morning). What to do, Thailand knows how to be at least as hot as Israel, if not more so (especially if you arrived in the hot season). So what can you do on the hottest days? What about a water park? They are huge, colorful, and are found almost everywhere!

    Bangkok – Siam Park City

    Siam Park City is not only a large water park, with high slides and many facilities, but also an amusement park in itself for children as well as adults. It is worth noting that it is not recommended to expect Disneyland in the facilities segment (adults may find the place a bit childish in this respect). For children, on the other hand – this is a perfect park with a lot of different options that can be skipped quickly. If you fancy a little more exciting amusement park, you can combine this water park with the nearby Dream World Park.

    Bangkok – Fantasia Lagoon

    If you are hiking with small children and do not want to travel too far for the parks that are out of town, Fantasy Lagoon Park is located on the roof of Bangkae Canyon. It is mostly full of locals, and its dimensions are modest from most of the parks on this list, but for only 100 baht, it will allow you to enjoy a variety of pools and slides, while being close to the mall and the city center.

    Pattaya – Cartoon Network Amazon

    It is perhaps the most colorful and western park on the list (branded according to the well-known Cartoon Network series). You will discover no less than 150 particularly colorful water attractions, which are divided into 10 different areas. There are 30 prominent, brand new facilities, in a variety of excitement levels. It is a world-class park, attracting hundreds of thousands of tourists. Apart from the facilities, you will also find entertainment shows, giant puppets, dining areas, festivals and processions. The park is suitable for children of all ages and of course for parents too!

    Pattaya – Ramayana

    The basic advantage of this spacious park is the location – in Thailand there is no shortage of open, green and huge areas, and especially not in Pattaya. Second – the weather. It is no coincidence that Thais and Israelis share a fondness for water parks (and the bigger the better): just the thought of spending an entire day wet and cool in the sometimes hot weather can get you on the next cab. So what can you find within the 16 square miles (!) That border the park? 21 different water facilities, divided into three areas: children (six months to six years old), young people (6 to 14 years old) and teenagers and adults (for those who are looking not only to get wet, but also to fall a few tens of meters at a sharp angle and dizzying speed). Apart from these facilities, in the park you will find another 50 different attractions, like a leisurely river cruise; A playground for children and even a full floating market.

    Hua Hin – Vana Nava

    It is one of the most invested and reputed parks in Thailand. It is located a short drive from the city, and features 19 different facilities, entertainment shows and fast food stalls. The park is so successful that it attracts families from Bangkok (so you do not have to vacation in Hua Hin to consider a visit). Safety is a top priority in this large park, with every facility under supervision and the number of accidents zero.

     For further reading:  Anna Nava – Vana Nava

    Hua Hin – Black Mountain

    The park is located about a quarter of an hour by car from downtown Hua Hin, and you will find a 17-meter-high tower, from which 9 different water slides unfold; Huge wave pool; Tubing in the river and more. All the facilities are built around a huge black mountain (which gave the place its name). The surrounding scenery is breathtaking, and it’s a landmark for a fun, cool day out.

    Phuket – Splash Jungle

    In southern Thailand , you will not find a larger and more beautiful park than this. Kids will especially enjoy the 12 winding slides, the many attractions and pools you will find here. The park is very close to Phuket Airport, and is actually part of the Centara Grand West Sands Hotel. If you are a hotel guest, you can enjoy free admission to the park!

    Ko-Samui – Coco Splash Adventure

    Although this park is modest (still, it was built on an island), you will still find no less than four different pools, seven slides at different heights and many other attractions. The park is located on the beautiful Lamai Beach, and also includes a mini golf area, trampolines, colliding boats, inflatable facilities and more. The park is designed primarily for young children, and none of the facilities have a height limit.

    Kao Yai – Scenical World

    It is the largest park in northeastern Thailand. It blends in wonderfully with the stunning mountain scenery of Kao Yai, and features 15 pools and slides, some of which are exceptionally fast. Here you will also find a special slide, which takes you to a huge “bowl”, where you will turn until you finally slide into the large pool. There are many options for adults as well as small children, and the park is recommended for children aged 12 and up (although it is possible to enter with smaller children, and they must be accompanied by an adult).

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